Angela Hager

Hager, Angela
Title: Associate Professor, English
Department: English & Education

About Angela Hager

Angie Brazeal Hager is an Associate Professor of English and an EDUC 1300 faculty member at NLC.  She is from St. Louis, MO, and is an alumnus of UTSA, where she earned a BA in English, MA in English, a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing, and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration.  During her English course work, Ms. Hager was particularly interested in modernist literature and her own creative writing (poetry and short stories).  At NLC, Ms. Hager teaches ENGL 1301, 1302, 2327, and 2328, in addition to EDUC 1300.  She began her career at St. Philip’s College where she served as a writing tutor; she has been teaching at the college level since 2004.  In her free time, Ms. Hager loves to read, watch baseball, attend concerts and music festivals, and spend time hiking, camping, and kayaking.  She is involved with the young adult ministry at her church and serves at NLC as one of the faculty leaders of the Anthropology and Archaeology Club.  Ms. Hager’s main goal as a college professor (beyond teaching students to appreciate literature and become mature writers and researchers) is to know her students well enough to encourage, assist, and empower them while they are at NLC and as they continue into their university studies and careers.