Veterans Center FAQ

When is the Veterans Center?

We are currently open two days a week Tuesday (9am-12pm) and Thursday (2pm-6pm) for to provide assistance.

Do I have to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Yes. Satisfactory Academic Progress is a federal requirement students must meet to receive both federal & state financial aid.
A student who is meeting SAP will have:

  • A 2.0 Grade Point Average or above
  • A sixty-seven percent (67%) completion rate between hours attempted & hours you have actually completed
  • No more than ninety-nine (99) attempted hours of college level courses 
Can I use the computers in the VA Center(Veterans Center Office) for applying for VA benefits?

Yes, the Veterans Center provides computers for help to VA students to apply for benefits or to use for college application and processes. You can also use the open lab computers located STCM 204, NLIB 1st and 2nd floor, ACA 1 101, and STCM Welcome Center.

Do I have to wait to receive my Certificate of eligibility to begin benefits.
No, veteran affairs offices at the Alamo Colleges will have you sign a contract that you are responsible for the tuition and balance if you do not have any veteran services available to you.  
Do the forms need to be submitted to the Coordinating Board or to the institution for Hazlewood?
The application and DD-214 need to be submitted to the institution. 
Does a veteran have to provide a DD-214 Member-4 to qualify?

Yes. The veteran must provide official military documentation to confirm eligibility.

Does the veteran have to reside in Texas in order to be eligible?

Yes. However, if the veteran resides outside of TX due to re-enlisting into active duty and being stationed outside of TX, or if the veteran resides outside of TX due to being married to a spouse that is serving on active duty outside of TX, then the veteran is exempt from this eligibility requirement. 

How do I start my veteran benefits here on campus?

pplying on you will use the VONAPP to apply for your benefits. 

What documents will I need to bring?

Veteran Affairs forms (differs per chapter) but common forms include joint military transcript, DD-214, student responsibility form, and degree plan.

What is the Hazlewood Legacy Act?

Effective Fall 2009, the Hazlewood Legacy Act (81st Texas legislature) allows veterans to transfer their unused Hazlewood hours (up to 150 SCH) to a child (stepchild, biological, adopted, or dependent for income tax purposes).

When is the Veterans Center Office open?

We are currently open two days a week on Tuesday (9am-12pm) and Thursday (2pm-6pm) to provide assistance.