Student Government Association


Our motto is “The voice of the students” because that is who we are. The NLC Student Government Association’s purpose is 

“to provide the official voice of the student body, to be a link between the student body and the administration of Northeast Lakeview College, to improve the quality and value of both the social and e

ducational experience at Northeast Lakeview College, and to develop the leadership and professional skills of its members.”

- SGA Constitution, 1.3.1

SGA Senator Application

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How do I get my voice heard?

6 ways!

  1. Physical Suggestion Box
    • At all events where SGA is present.
    • Or leave a suggestion during…
  2. SGA Office Hours
    • The SGA Office is STCM 118.
    • Stop by to leave a suggestion, ask us about upcoming events, or just talk about your ideas!
  3. SGA Virtual Suggestion Box
    • Posting on the website and Alamo Experience. Be on the lookout!
  4. SGA General Meetings
    • Every fourth Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm., in person and via Zoom.
    • SGA always asks for feedback at the end.
  5. Email SGA
    at or
  6. SGA Instagram.

Four Membership Tiers

Student Body




Every student is a part of SGA! Come to SGA General Meetings to hear a report of how we are serving you and leave a suggestion online or in-person anytime. Attendance of SGA General Meetings requested.  Low commitment-participation contingent on student's schedule, involvement where possible.

4 Positions
Senator for Academic Affairs

  • Senator for Campus Operation
  • Senator for Student Success
  • Senator for Public Relations

Partial Commitment - at least two meetings a month.  Specialize in voicing specific areas of student life

Apply for SGA Senator Position

5 Positions

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Historian

Full commitment - at least 3 meetings a month plus duties and event attendance.