Register for Classes

How to register on the web

The following steps will guide you through the online registration process.

  1. Log into the ACS portal with your Alamo Colleges District ID and Password. (If you do not have your Alamo Colleges District ID and password follow the instructions located at “Logging into ACES.”)
  2. Select My Page
  3. Go to Registration Tools box and select Look Up Classes
  4. Select appropriate Term from drop down menu and Submit
  5. Select the Subject you are looking for
  6. Select Course Search
  7. Select the View Section for the course you selected. This returns a list of all courses meeting your criteria. You can choose a college, location/attribute type, time/and/or day. Note: The location/attribute type option allows you to choose alternate locations (e.g., SAC courses held at NLC). Courses for which you are eligible to register will have a checkbox. Select the course by checking the box. Scroll to the bottom and select Register.
  8. You will be taken back to your schedule with the new class added. If there were any errors or holds (prerequisite, co-requisite, other restrictions), the error/hold will display with your schedule, and the course will not be added.
  9. Repeat steps 4-7 to add additional classes.

Students enrolling in the Alamo Colleges District for the first time who have earned less than 15 college-level semester credit hours must register for a Student Development course (SDEV). Student Development is a required course. If you change your schedule, you must contact the SDEV representatives at your college.

It is highly recommended that you register early and follow an educational goal plan:

  • Degree Plan
  • Certificate Program
  • Transfer Plan