Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)


Welcome to the webpage for SAC's 2015 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

This page will provide information about the QEP topic, and will explain what "Fearless Learning" is all about.

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What is the QEP?

As part of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' (SACS) reaffirmation process, San Antonio College is required to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) every 10 years.

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) addresses a single topic/issue focused on improving student learning. It should make SAC "much more intentional and focused about an important element of our mission" and help us "put in motion our creativity." Click here to read more about the QEP in general.

How was the QEP Topic Selected?

The QEP process began with selecting a topic in Fall 2013. Faculty, staff, students, and community members were given the opportunity to submit ideas and suggestions via an electronic message board, email and in-person.

Then, a college-wide committee was created to review the topics submitted and narrow down the collection of a feasible and actionable topic.

The committee, with support and guidance from the College Executive Team, chose to pursue the idea of "information literacy."

QEP Introduction

San Antonio College's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is entitled "Fearless Learning:  Empowering Students with Information Literacy."

Fearless Learning QEP Goal:

First-time-in-college (FTIC) students will have first-year experiences in and out of the classroom that help them develop integrated reading, writing, and research skills needed to succeed as information literate citizens, both academically and professionally.

The QEP Student Learning Outcomes are that the students will:

  1. Develop a questioning approach to define and narrow a topic;

  2. Create a flexible research strategy for an assignment;

  3. Develop ideas and synthesize sources within a document or presentation;

  4. Evaluate a variety of sources for the ethical and logical uses of evidence;

  5. Use written and oral communication to convey meaning and build credibility; and

  6. Comprehend how to use appropriate style conventions and language to create the types of texts used to shape and share information within a discipline/profession.

To read more about SAC's Quality Enhancement Plan, check out the below PDFs.

QEP Executive Summary PDF


Key Dates in QEP Timeline

August 2015

SAC submits the QEP proposal to SACSCOC

September 29 - October 1, 2015

SACSCOC On-site Team visits San Antonio College to meet with various stakeholders.  View the On-Site Visit FAQs to learn more.

Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Receive feedback and approval from SACSCOC , act on any recommendations, and begin preparations for implementation.

Fall 2016

Year 1 of the QEP begins