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Here is a Help Guide that will explain the steps to download the SAC Course Layout 2022 from Canvas Commons.
SAC Course Layout 2022


Instructional Technology Support Resources Site

We have several support documents and online training videos available to help you get the most out of the systems and services available here at San Antonio College.  Office of Technology Services - Instructional Innovation Center (IIC) is available to assist faculty, staff and guests of the College with technology issues and requests.  We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and prompt technical support solutions.

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Instructor Training: LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor Webinars

This comprehensive training webinar is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams. The session provides a detailed demonstration of both applications, including enhancements that make Respondus Monitor even more effective and easy to use.

New Webinar for 'Turnitin Best Practices':

Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism detection software available for instructors, find more information here: https://www.turnitin.com

Log into AlamoTalent to register for training: 

Video  |   DST Information Technology Services   |   
Turnitin Solutions Consultant Tracey DeLillo to learn about best practices for using Turnitin in Canvas, especially now that all classes are being conducted remotely. There will also be time allotted for Q&A - Tracey has expertise in both Turnitin and Canvas, and will answer any questions about Turnitin and its use as a Canvas integration.
Video  |   DST Information Technology Services   |  
Turnitin trainer: Tracey DeLillo In this session, we will focus on the Turnitin External Tool integration in Canvas, which allows enhanced Turnitin functionality, including QuickMarks, Rubrics, and other feedback tools. We will also learn how to interpret and filter the similarity report to better understand similarity percentages, and how they can vary depending on the type of assignment and subject matter.
Event  |   DST Information Technology Services   | 
Join us Thursday, May 4 at 2 PM for a one-hour online training to learn how you can get the most out of Turnitin. This session will offer guidance on Canvas settings, interpreting the Similarity Report, and approaches to academic integrity. We will also discuss Turnitin's new AI Writing Indicator and resources to help you address AI generative writing in the classroom.


Utilize Kahoot!’s free distance learning tools

Self-paced challenge mode is a free feature that’s already available for all educators. Students can complete self-paced games by themselves at home, on a mobile device or computer. This game mode helps students stay on track with their curriculum, even when they can’t attend school. Teachers can also access over 40 million free and ready-to-play games on various subjects or create their own games.

A basic version of Kahoot!, with robust features, is and will always be available for free for teachers and schools.

How to Sign Up > Kahoot Sign up Process.pdf

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Need a Scanner?

: Click on link for turning your Smartphone into a scanner: 




USDLA-Untied States Distance Learning Association - Click

USDLA- Weekly Webinars

Online courses offered to prepare you for distant learning. The primary audience is the new or nearly new online instructor, but information for the more experienced distance educator will also be provided.


eLumen Faculty Resources 

Support resources are available for faculty through the learning assessment website: https://alamo.edu/sac/ippe/assessment/elumen

 Click on the links below for further training and resources: 

elumen Faculty Support

Setting up and Scoring Assesments with eLumen