One Button Studio


What is the One Button Studio?

The One Button Studio is a simplified video recording setup that can be used without previous video production experience. The studio's design allows you to create high-quality and polished video projects without knowing anything about lights and cameras. 

The One Button Studio solution drastically simplifies the video production workflow, eliminating several time-consuming steps. The result is a studio experience that requires the bare minimum of time and effort while simultaneously providing a consistently high-quality result published directly to the cloud or saved to a USB drive in a standard format video file.


What would I use the One Button Studio for?

The One Button Studio Self-Service mode allows faculty, staff, and students to easily record a presentation or lecture, deliver a research presentation, or create instructional demonstration videos.

  • Practice class presentations
  • Create green screen recordings
  • Record video assignments
  • Produce e-portfolio introductions and content
  • Prepare introductions for online courses
  • Present research papers
  • Pre-record lectures
  • Create demonstration modules

Available to all SAC Students, Faculty, and Staff.


    Reserve Studio Space 

    The One Button Reservation Calendar will display available times and dates that you can schedule up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of studio time. Once you have chosen a time and date, complete the reservation form with your information and submit.  Questions? see help guide below.

    Reservation Calendar

    How to Reserve the One Button Studio Help Guide

  • One-button Recording

    Start and stop recording with just the press of one button! Recordings are immediately ready for review.

  • Save

    Before using the studio, you’ll need to bring a formatted USB drive with you. If you do not have a USB drive you can purchase one from the ACE Tech Store.

    • If you will be using a PPT presentation you will need to bring it with you on a USB drive or have it save to your cloud account. 

    Note: Personal drives must be formatted with one of the following file systems: FAT16, FAT32, XFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, NTFS.

Recording Tips

   Best Practices for Recording Videos

  • Practice your presentation beforehand. 
  • Look directly into the camera.  Keep your gaze steady and speak loud & clear. 
  • Longer presentations are best recorded into smaller chunks.  
  • Before starting and stopping your video, look at the camera. This gives you a clean cut point to edit from. 
  • Position yourself slightly away from the center of the frame. This will add a visual interest even without a visual presentation. 
  • Use your hands to emphasize key points and above your waist. 
Attire Do's and Don'ts

   What to Wear?

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Keep it professional. 
  • Wearing glasses will create a light reflection. 
  • Avoid wearing all white or all black colors.  These colors will make it difficult for the camera to balance the lighting. 
  • Avoid wearing bright neon colors or shiny fabrics. 
  • Most solid colors work well, avoid stripes or bold patterns. 
  • Be aware of jewelry that may be flashy or noisy, the microphone may pick up these unwanted sounds. 



Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Can I edit my video in this room too?
    No, you will have access to the computers on the outside of the studio.
  • In which format does the system record my video?
    The system will compress and save your recordings in MPEG-4 format, which can later be edited in video applications such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and Window Movie Maker, or uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, etc. 
  • What type of computer will I have access too?
    You have the choice of using the 2 Apple Studio or 2 Windows computers. 

One Button Studio Technical Resources

How to Reserve the One Button Studio Help Guide