Speech Communication

Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Arts
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: SAC

What is the Speech Communication program?

The Speech Communication Program combines applied, practical knowledge with the art and theory of communication. The need to communicate effectively is important in every personal and professional relationship. Speech is also a core requirement for almost every degree program.

What will I learn?

Communication is what makes us human. When someone majors in Speech Communication, they can demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, both face to face and computer mediated. Communication skills are vital to successful human interaction. Course topics include leadership skills, group dynamics, effective interviewing techniques, interpersonal relations, public speaking, using your voice effectively, oral interpretation, and conflict resolution. 

What can I do with this course of study?

A major in Speech Communication allows for flexibility in looking for employment. A person with this focus has limitless career possibilities. Communication skills are valued in personnel training, advertising, hotel management, political consulting, law, teaching, higher education administration, speech-writing, business, public relations, technical communication, and radio/television/online broadcasting.

What's special about our program?

Students in the communication program engage in real-world application through various class group projects, participation in communication workshops, and SpeakOUT, a semester event featuring student speakers. The department sponsors a nationally ranked competitive Speech Team. SAC students compete with other college and university students in public speaking and oral interpretation events. Scholarships are available for communication majors every semester.

Communication skills are vital to successful human interaction. 
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