Program Level: Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Languages and Philosophy
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: SAC

What is the Philosophy program?

The Program of Philosophy at San Antonio College offers a diverse set of courses in philosophy that introduces students to the study of philosophical texts, issues, problems, and ideas. We offer introductory courses in philosophy, ethics, and logic, as well as specialized courses in religion, the history of religion, social and political thought, the history of philosophy, and contemporary philosophy.

What will I learn?

Students are given the opportunity to question, reflect upon and discover vital issues and concerns of philosophy and the philosophical dimensions of their own lives, and indeed, of the human condition. They will learn how to think, read, and write critically and will learn the skills and applications of logical reasoning. Students will come to understand systems of ethical thought and how they may be applied to actual ethical problems. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of fundamental philosophical and religious views of our culture and other cultures, and will broaden, deepen, and enrich their knowledge of social and political thought, the philosophy of religion, and the history of philosophy.

What can I do with this course of study?

While we do not yet have a degree program in Philosophy, we are seeking to establish one. The student can, however, graduate from San Antonio College with a concentration in Philosophy by taking five courses in Philosophy. With a concentration or degree in Philosophy, a student can continue to major in philosophy at the university level and seek a master's degree or doctorate degree which would allow them to engage in higher research and teach at the collegiate level. A degree in philosophy is very helpful in many fields because of its emphasis on the development of clear, logical, and critical thinking and writing. The development of these skills will aid any student seeking degrees in many fields including law, medicine, engineering, and science.

Last updated 5/19/2021

What's special about this program?

The Philosophy Program at San Antonio College offers students a solid, interesting, and challenging curriculum. The faculty members in the program have many and varied types of expertise within the field of Philosophy which is beneficial to our students and is an accessible member of the San Antonio College academic community dedicated to student success and excellence. Our program stresses high-level teaching to help students fully engage the course material in order to understand the arguments and issues at hand. Each semester we offer faculty-led symposiums and a symposium of student papers. We have a newly formed philosophy club focusing on the issues of sustainability and environmentalism. Faculty members often lead book groups with interested students.

...develop an understanding of fundamental philosophical and religious views
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John R. Visintainer, Ph.D.
Philosophy Program Coordinator
Oppenheimer Academic Center (OC) 232
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Alaina Webb
Department Chair
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Maricela Ramon
Academic Unit Assistant
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