Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Mathematics, Architecture, Physics &Engineering (MAPE)
Institute: Science & Technology
College: SAC


As A Future Engineer What Is "The Problem" That You Want To Solve?

ENGINEERING IS ENVISIONING, INVENTING, AND BUILDING THE WORLD AROUND US!  Engineers are at the forefront of new technological developments.  Technology is one of the most important growth areas for maintaining and improving the quality of our lives.  Engineers make technology work for all of us.

The Engineering Program Mission

Our courses are designed to prepare students to enter the workforce and or transfer.  Courses in the fundamentals of the Engineering Design Process, Mathematics, and Science fulfill most of the requirements for the first two years of a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and are transferable to most universities.

MESA Center

The Mathematics-Engineering-Science-Achievement Center was established to enhance Engineering, Mathematics, Science, and Technology student achievement by providing a diversity of resources.  The center, the only one in Texas, is open to all San Antonio College students.  Students who become MESA Members receive additional benefits.

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Crash Course Engineering

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San Antonio College ( SAC ) Motorsport

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TRY Engineering

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IEEE / Educating Engineers

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Dr. Dan G. Dimitriu
Engineering Program Coordinator
Dr. Dimitriu's Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information
( 210 ) 486-1309
Chance Academic Center / Room 208

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    Mr. Mathew E. Kerns

♦ Faculty

    Mr. Klaus B. Bartels

    Dr. Savithra U. Eratne

    Ms. Ashley C. Rosilier

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    Ms. Cynthia A. Morton
    ( 210 ) 486-0270
    McCreless Hall / Room 221

    Ms. Patricia Gonzalez
    ( 210 ) 486-0276
    McCreless Hall / Room 221

    Ms. Bly Korseau
    ( 210 ) 486-1301
    Chance Academic Center / Room 208

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