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P.A.T.H. is located in the Student Advocacy Center. Support and Guidance are provided by Student Care Advocates who offer support services to current, former foster, and adopted youth through the Alamo Colleges. Help is available to maintain academic success by connecting foster and adopted youth with their Certified Advisor for continued academic support. Eligible foster students benefit from Referrals to services provided by the Alamo Colleges and by Community partners.


Services Provided

  • Students are able to access the on campus Food Pantry "The Store" two times per month providing access to nutrient foods they may not otherwise have access too. This is to supplement their current food access and is not to act as their sole food resource. 

  • Students can visit the Clothes Closet “Magic Closet” twice a month for casual wear, business wear, or uniforms for their degree (depending on availability). Additionally, they may select clothes for their children.

    *The Magic Closet is currently closed during COVID; however, if you are in need of clothing, we can assist you in finding resources in your community.

  • There are funds specifically allocated for P.A.T.H. students experiencing a crisis.

    Some of these expenses may include:
    Housing (including rental arrears)
    Utilities (including arrears)
    Vehicle costs and maintenance
    Medical expenses

    If you are experiencing an emergency and need to request funds, contact your Student Care Advocate.


    *Students must be actively enrolled and attending school.
    *Emergency Funds are available to access remotely during COVID-19 provisions.

  • Medicaid Benefits: If you are under the age of 26 and aged out of foster care

    Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Benefits

    Other state resources as identified by your Student Care Advocate