Emergency Plan

The Alamo Colleges District has established an emergency system that contacts all employees and students via email, telephones and text messages.  The information is provided by the individuals through the Personal Information link on their ACES page.  It is imperative that employees and students take the initiative to keep this information up to date.  A Safety Plan has been created to help facilitate emergencies, should they occur.  Please review the PDF list below.

Emergency Terms

a.  Lock Down - when a building is closed and locked to prevent anyone going from outside to inside and vise versa.  Action initiated by Police or Administration (in person of through telephone calls / emails to departments).

b.  Evacuation - when everyone is made to exit a building.  Action initiated by the Police or Administration (in person or through telephone calls / emails to departments).  Download SAC's evacuation map below.

Dissemination of Information

a.  In-person:  Comply immediately with directives given by Police and Administration.  Stay calm but move quickly and direct students appropriately.  Everyone should take personal belongings with them if they are directed to move, and close doors upon exit.
b.  Website (PR office updates in a timely manner).
c.  Emergency notification system (email, phone numbers).  Initiated when appropriate.
d.  Calling tree (if campus is closed).  Initiated when appropriate.

High-Level Plan

a.  Command center.

b.  Single point of official information (PR).

c.  In the event of an evacuation, remain in Designated Evacuation Area (with your students)  until released by Police or Administration.

Evacuations- Safety First


a.  Stop!  Prepare to exit immediately!  Take your keys, purse or backpack
b.  Identity and Assist any disabled person or anyone in immediate danger.
c.  Close all doors as you exit.
d.  Move to the nearest evacuation route, NO ELEVATORS!
e.  Go to and Remain at the designated evacuation area for accountability.
f.  Where do people go?  (One of 6 Designated Evacuation Areas-Download SAC's evacuation map below.)
g.  Stay connected.  Program the following numbers into your cellphone and carry it with you:
        Emergency DPS:  210-485-0911
        Non-Emergency DPS:  210-485-0099
        Your Department Office:  210-486-______

Evacuation Chairs

a.  At least 2 people per department responsible.  Identified by Spring Break
b,  Organized training later this semester; refresher trainings to follow.
c.  In an emergency, call an officer for assistance if needed.


Download Safety Plan PDF

Download Evacuation Map PDF