Dr. Naydeen: The First 100 Days

Dr. Naydeen González-De Jesús became the 13th president of San Antonio College on January 9, 2023.

On her first day in office she launched an intensive 100-day learning tour of listening and discovery to help inform and shape a new strategy of success for SAC.

She met with students, faculty, staff, community leaders, stakeholders and influencers. And she attended a wide variety of events ranging from conferences and keynotes to student pizza parties and orientation sessions.

Dr. Naydeen was powerfully inspired by all she learned. And after meeting more than 2,000 people in four months, she discovered that all have one thing in common: they love San Antonio College and they believe in its future!

Please take a moment to read this special report of her first 100 days. She shares the activities she undertook, the themes she identified, and the insights she has gained that will help her formulate the next strategic steps for our historic college.

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