Meet Ace the Armadillo!

San Antonio College’s new mascot jumps into campus life


After being underground for a long time, a new face is emerging on campus this fall. Meet Ace the Armadillo, the new mascot of San Antonio College!

You might say that Ace clawed its way to the top. The armadillo recently surfaced on campus after its burrow was accidentally covered up around 50 years ago during the construction of the Fletcher Administration Building. Recent renovations to the building opened an entrance to its underground labyrinth of tunnels, bringing Ace to the surface and ending decades of dormancy.

Don’t be fooled by its suit of armor. Behind its tough exterior, Ace is quite a softie. Though it may appear to be a little shy at first, Ace is actually a fun-loving ball of energy with a competitive streak. Ace plans to roll with the new gig as a mascot and is excited to help make new traditions at San Antonio College. 

Ace has enthusiastically jumped into studies in SAC’s architecture program. The armadillo plans to learn how to build a sophisticated network of underground burrows under the campus so it doesn’t get trapped again.

When not foraging for delicious bugs and avoiding vehicular traffic, Ace enjoys keeping up with San Antonio sports, including Spurs basketball and Missions/Flying Chanclas baseball. Other passions include astronomy, cybersecurity, anime, and boxing. Ace loves rock ‘n roll music, but is not a fan of littering, garlic, and people who don’t use turn signals.

Returning to college after a decades-long interruption in its education, Ace is favorably impressed with the many ways SAC provides support to non-traditional students. Ace is especially honored that the second-floor break area inside the Fletcher Administration Building will be renamed The Burrow Cafe in its honor. Ace hopes to indulge in favorite foods there, including pizza rolls, spring rolls, cinnamon rolls, fruit roll-ups and anything rolled inside a tortilla.

Though the armadillo is easily startled and may leap into the air or roll into a ball if you sneak up on it, Ace is positively buoyant about being the new symbol of San Antonio College.

“I really dig San Antonio College and can’t wait to explore this side of campus!” Ace said. “Let the good times roll!”



Bio Factoids

Name: Ace

Birthday: March 8

Birthplace: Fletcher Administration Building

Zodiac: Pisces

Field of study: Currently rolling with Architecture

Traits: Confident, outgoing, ball of energy, intelligent, funny/witty, fun-loving, and competitive

Mantra: Tough on the outside; soft on the inside

Armadillo species: Spanish term meaning “little armored one”


Color: SAC Red

Season: Any season that's bearable to stroll through San Pedro Springs Park

Music: Rock 'n' Roll

Foods: Pizza rolls, spring rolls, cinnamon rolls, fruit roll-ups, tootsie rolls, and anything rolled in a tortilla

Books: Charlotte’s Web, The History of Texas, The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit, and The Notebook

Sports Teams: SA Spurs and SA Missions

Quotes/Catchphrases: "Let the good times roll," "Just roll with it," and "That's how we roll."

Interests: Astronomy, anything with dice, air hockey, cybersecurity, sleeping, anime, tubing, Pokémon, boxing, and basketball

Dislikes: Littering, coyotes, wolves, bears, raccoons, garlic, and people who don’t use turn signals


Interested in booking a SAC mascot appearance?

If your department, committee, or organization would like an appearance of Ace the Armadillo mascot at your next event, please fill out the request form at

Please note, the deadline to submit your request is 3 weeks prior to your event.

For further information, please email Domingo Figueroa in the Office of Student Life at

Interested in becoming a SAC mascot?

Ace, the SAC Armadillo mascot, represents ALL students, and ALL students are eligible to try out to be a mascot.

If you are interested, please contact the Office of Student Life at