Suicidal Emergency Protocol

Suicidal Emergency Protocol

Below are basic procedures to follow when students, parents, faculty or staff are seriously concerned about a student’s health or safety e.g., threat to self or others, unable to care for oneself, noticeable change in one’s appearance or behavior, verbal statements.) The purpose of these procedures is to provide assistance to concerned “individuals” in their efforts to support a student’s health, safety and academic success, and to promote the safety and the well-being of others.

1.  If there is concern about immediate or imminent violence by the student to himself/herself or others, call DPS-222-0911. 

2.   For consultation or when in doubt about what to do, contact your supervisor or any of the following offices: 

AC Police Department    485-0099
VP of Student Affairs      486-0930 (Cell: 361-688-8510)
Dean of Student Affairs  486-0930

  3.  In general, follow these steps when an immediate threat does not exist and you are concerned about a student’s health, safety or behavior: 

a)  Talk directly with the student

b)  Share your concern with the student

c)  Offer your support and assistance

d)  Inform the student of available resources

e)  Follow up with the student to see how the student is doing

f)  Ask for documentation that the student is receiving assistance as appropriate

g)  Inform your supervisor of the situation

h)  If the student is not cooperative and you have serious concerns about the student’s health, safety or behavior, inform any of the following as appropriate to the situation: your supervisor, the AC Police Department, the Office of the Dean of Students, the Office of Student Life, or the Counseling Center

4.  Additional Resources 

a)   SAC Counseling Center  (486-0333)
b)   AC Police Department (