Associate of Arts in Teaching

Program Type: Face-to-Face, Fully Online
Program Level: Degrees, Online
Department: English and Education
Institute: Public Service
College: NLC

The AAT degree at Northeast Lakeview College is composed of a curriculum requiring a total of 60 SCH for completion. The curricula components of the two degrees are as follows:

EC-6,4-8, EC-12 Special Education

  • Completed core curriculum (42 SCHs) plus
  • MATH 1350, MATH 1351 (6 SCHs)
  • Additional science beyond the core curriculum (6 SCHs)
  • EDUC 1301, EDUC 2301 (6 SCHs)

7-12, Other EC-12 Other than Special Education

  • Completed core curriculum (42 SCHs) plus
  • EDUC 1301, EDUC 2301 (6 SCHs)
  • content area teaching fields/academic disciplines (12 SCHs)

What is the AAT Degree Program?

The Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) is a program consisting of 60 semester credit hours and is transferable to any Texas university offering baccalaureate degree programs leading to initial teacher certification.  This degree meets the No Child Left Behind requirement for paraprofessionals.

It targets individuals who have a desire to enter the field of education as a teacher, school administrator, counselor, or some aspect of child/adolescent development. The AAT is fully transferable to all Texas public universities which offer applicable Baccalaureate Degrees leading to initial teacher certification. Students should check with the college department, the transfer center, or the university to which they plan to transfer for additional information.

What will I learn?

Topics might emphasize child growth and development, performance assessment, and classroom management. In addition to offering insight into the teaching profession, such programs provide exposure to different areas of education.

What can I do with this course of study?

Pursue careers in public school teaching that don’t require specific licensure, or transfer to the university to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Contact Information

Michele Maldonado

What's special about the program?

Students have the opportunity to participate in the 2+1 TechTeach Program  

Earn your Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) in 2 years from NLC, then complete 1 year of Bachelor of Science with Teacher certification at TechTeach in San Antonio. Additionally, students can get first-hand teaching experience through Junior Achievement.

EDUC 1301 Introduction to the Teaching Profession and EDUC 2301 SpecialPopulations include a practicum, allowing you to teach in K-12 classrooms. There is nothing quite like really teaching. Being in a K-12 classroom and working with kids is full of unexpected joys and challenges that are almost impossible to describe secondhand.

San Antonio-TechTeach Program:

Earning an associate of arts in teaching education can afford you the opportunity to help children achieve their full potential


A.A.T. EC-6, 4-8, EC-12 Special Education ♦

A.A.T. 7-12 and Other EC-12 ♦

♦ This symbol indicates the offering is also available fully online.