Drama at Northeast Lakeview College is a vibrant and diverse learning environment, that fosters creativity and collaboration. We offer a wide range of courses in drama, theatre, and performance, as well as producing a variety of theatrical and musical productions throughout the year.

Our students are exposed to a variety of creative approaches to performance, including improvisation, physical theatre, and text-based performance. We provide training and mentorship to help our students develop their talents and professional skills, as well as a platform to perform and share their work.

Our division is home to a vibrant community of artists and performers, and through our work, we strive to create meaningful and powerful stories that reflect our diverse student body and the world around us.

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Lisa Fritschle
Drama Instructor
Phone: (210) 486-5662
Email: lfritschle@alamo.edu
Office: Lampasas Performing Arts Center 112B


Technical Director / Auditorium Manager
Phone: (210) 486-5318
Office: Lampasas Performing Arts Center