Speech at Northeast Lakeview College offers students the opportunity to develop the communication skills necessary for success in the 21st century. Through courses in public speaking, interpersonal communication, and argumentation and debate, students learn the essential skills of effective communication. They learn to communicate effectively in both formal and informal contexts and to use language to persuade, inform, and motivate others. The courses also provide students with an understanding of how communication works in different contexts and how culture, gender, and power dynamics can shape communication. Additionally, the discipline provides students with practical opportunities to hone their communication skills through engaging activities like delivering speeches, participating in debates, and giving presentations.


Marks, Jennifer Davis, M.A. - Professor - Speech
Lead Instructor - Speech
Phone: (210) 486-5265 
Email: jdavis46@alamo.edu
Office: Salado Hall 316C 

Menchaca, Denise, Ph.D. - Professor - Speech
Phone: (210) 486-5262
Email: dmenchaca24@alamo.edu
Office: Salado Hall 322C

Delissa Perez, MA., Instructor
Phone:  (210) 486-5286
Email: dperez376@alamo.edu
Office:  Salado Hall 318A