Conference Schedule

8:00 – 9:15  AM

Opening Remarks

Inside Paluxy, 3rd Floor, Bluebonnet Room

9:25 AM – 10:05 AM – Breakout Room I

Studymate Campus: Flashcards & Learning Games for your Canvas course –Cesar Hernandez, DSO

Increasing Student Engagement with Virtual Escape Rooms - Patricia Lamson and Beatrice Avila, SPC

Creating Better Remote Experiences with Prezi Video (Computer Lab)
Dr. Elizabeth Plummer, American Council on Education

Building Intrinsic Motivation (for Ourselves and Our Students) Through Motivational Interviewing – Dr. Sarah Etchison, NLC

Creating Better Remote Experiences with Prezi Video (Computer Lab)
Dr. Elizabeth Plummer, American Council on Education

San Antonio’s peaceCenter is Reborn at NVC - Migdalia Garcia, NVC & Andrew Hill, SPC

10:15 - 10:55 AM - Breakout Room II

“It’s in the Syllabus”: Building a Student-Centered Syllabus
Dr. Jennifer Parrott & Judah Leggett, NLC
The Benefits of Writing by Hand with Exercises - Dr. Leona Schweninger
Rethinking and Teaching with Dual Credit - Anetia Ports, NLC
Inviting Guest Speakers to Bring Diverse Voices to the Classroom – Dr. Jeannette Passty, SPC
Student Engagement and Reflections on the Conference Theme — Dr. Veronica Morrison, SAC

11:05 - 11:45 AM - Breakout Room II

EcoJEDIs in the Field and on Campus –Dr. Laura Perry, NVC, Dr. Jeff Hutchinson, Dr. Sue Hum, Dr. Vikram Kapoor, Dr. Gwen Young, UTSA, Dr. Briana Salas and Dr. Jamie Crosswhite, OLLU 
Publishing Best Practices in Your Field – Alfredo Torres Jr. and Rafael Castillo, PAC 
Helping the Phoenix Take Flight in College: SDEV 0370 Foundations of College Learning – Diana Pelaez, Michelle Aguire & Mallory Plummer, NVC
Give your Students a Better Canvas Course by Adding Design Elements using the DesignPLUS Tools – Nancy Tran & Barbara Wong, NLC
The 3 Distance Learning Modalities: Jerryl Lowe & Reese Hearn, SPC

11:50 AM – 12:20 PM

Lunch - Inside Paluxy, 3rd Floor, Bluebonnet Room

12:20 – 1 PM - Breakout Room IV

Re-Engaging Students Post-Pandemic: A Virtual and Augmented Reality Resource Workshop – Spencer Galvan & Dr. Basu Panthi, SPC
“What Reading Research Reveals about Effective Reading Comprehension Instruction and Activities You Can Try in the Classroom” – Valarie Gomez, NVC
Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Mastering Critical Thinking – Lora Shafer, SPC
Biochemistry: A Kinesthetic Approach – J.L. Egremy, NVC
Microsoft Immersive Reader - Using Technology to Address Reading Challenges – La Trenda Walker, NLC