Tara Daugherty

Daugherty, Tara
Title: Adjunct Instructor, Education & Sociology
Department: Social Sciences, English & Education

About Tara Daugherty

Tara Daugherty has enjoyed a career in Education for many years. As a sociologist, she has had many jobs, which have taught her many lessons and expanded her skill set during her time in Education. Her positivity and infectious enthusiasm approach to life have carried over to her teaching EDUC 1300, where she instructs incoming college freshmen adaption and acclimation to college life through the curriculum. Tara loves to read and is super passionate about the Boston Red Sox, as baseball season is the best time of the year. She enjoys teaching and helping her students succeed in their classes as well as in life. She is passionate about making a positive difference in students' lives. Successful students is my mission! Look forward to working with you.