Sara Etchison

Etchison, Sara
Title: Instructor, Psychology
Department: Social Sciences

About Sara Etchison

Hi, I’m Dr. Sara Etchison. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Kansas and my Ph.D. in Social Psychology from McGill University. I also have research training from Princeton University and the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. My research interests center on social influences on academic and athletic motivation. I taught at UCLA and Santa Monica College before joining Northeast Lakeview College in 2016, where I am an associate professor of psychology.

To give you more of a sense of me as a person, I live in Converse, TX with my husband (a classical pianist), son (a smiley 18-month-old), and dog (a rescued boxer). I enjoy reading non-fiction, finding great recipes, and watching shows on Netflix that feature "strong female protagonists". I grew up in a small town (population 500) in rural Kansas and had a high school graduating class of 35. I then moved into a dorm of 1000 when I started at KU and didn't have a major decided until my 4th semester. So if you find yourself feeling like you don't quite fit in yet, or that your high school education didn't prepare you well for college, or like you're not sure what you want out of your education/career/life, please know that I have been there and would love the chance to chat with you to help make your time here at NLC a great experience!