Caitlin Evans

Evans, Caitlin
Department: Business & Entrepreneurship

About Caitlin Evans

I consider myself lucky to have two hometowns; one in Stockton, California and the other in Pleasant Grove, UT. After living in Pleasant Grove, I decided to go to Southern Utah University (SUU) simply because it was the farthest away from home while still having in-state tuition. Once there, I obtained a Bachelor's of Interdisciplinary Studies, married the love of my life, and then got my Master's of Interdisciplinary Studies in one year because I could not wait another year to be an academic advisor.

I pursued a career in higher education because I knew I wanted to be an academic advisor, a supporter of students, and a lifelong learner. If there is any one thing I have learned throughout my educational and professional experiences, it is to take the bull by its' horns both literally and figuratively. If you want to know the full story of when I was hit by a bull at 18 years old and not at a rodeo, you'll just have to come to schedule an appointment with me through Navigate.