Makayla Zimmerman Named January 2024 AlamoPROMISE Student of the Month

January 29, 2024

Makayla Zimmerman was recently recognized as the January 2024 AlamoPROMISE Student of the Month.  Ms. Zimmerman is currently a student at Northeast Lakeview College studying Kinesiology.

With a 3.31 GPA, Makayla is focused on her studies.  In addition to her schoolwork, she loves the outdoors, and participating in Parks & Recreation clean up events.  Because Makayla has struggled with ADHD and experienced firsthand the misdiagnosis of this disorder, she is a Mental Health advocate and continues to make her health and wellness a priority.

Makayla says that saving for and paying for college was a struggle.  Her mom runs her own business and was never really able to save much to help contribute to her education.  During Makayla’s sophomore year in high school, her dad moved away to care for his parents.  She had a full-time job and was also working side jobs to help cover just her basic needs.  Paying for college was at the bottom of her list. Without AlamoPROMISE, she would have been able to attend college.

Makayla plans on graduating from Northeast Lakeview College in Spring 2024 and transferring to UTSA.  Her ultimate goal is to complete her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.