San Antonio College Technology Tips for Faculty and Staff: Hybrid Work Readiness

Dear SAC Faculty and Staff,

 The following technology information is for SAC faculty and staff who may need to work from home or a location that is not their regular office location. 


Technical Support, Phone and Zoom Support

Phone Support

San Antonio College

Phone: 210-486-0777


Operating Hours
Mon – Thu: 7am- 7pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm

District Support

Phone: 210-485-0555
Toll-Free: 866-493-3947 

Operating Hours
Mon – Fri: 8am – 12am
Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sun: 11am – 12am

Zoom Remote Support
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

* Click on link to be directed to Zoom Meeting Room

Zoom Information Center Rooms
 Link to Zoom Meeting Rooms

Instructional Technology Remote Information Center


Employee Technology Training

Instructional Innovation Center (IIC) Training Calendar
Monthly training sessions are available for faculty and staff. Click Here to access the IIC Training Calendar. Access AlamoTalent via ACES, Employee Tab for information or to register for our trainings. To request a one-on-one training appointment, complete the One-on-One Training Request Form.  Feel free to contact the IIC for other consulting and training needs at or 210-486-0712. 

Classroom Integrated Technology (CIT) Workshops

We are pleased to offer workshops to teach your students technology in support of your classroom assignments. Our computer support staff understands that your students sometimes have difficulty with technology integrated assignments.  Faculty members can take advantage of monthly, free CIT Workshops offered by the Office of Technology Services – Student Mega Lab staff.

  • Events Calendar Click here
  • Events require registration. Click here to access the form.
  • Events can be conducted during your scheduled class time. 
  • Each workshop is 50 minutes in length and can be repeated as many times as you wish.

We offer several workshops from which you can choose. Please see below for a roster of available classes:

  • ACES/Canvas Overview/Email
  • Intro to Computers
  • Microsoft Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Security Awareness Tips
  • iPad Basics
  • Zoom
Teaching and Learning Resources
San Antonio College Instructional Innovation Center (IIC) has and will continue to assemble an array of tools to help enhance the teaching and learning experience at San Antonio College.  Click Here to learn more.


Help Guides

Accessing your Alamo Colleges District Voicemail from an external source.pdf

How to connect to desktop remotely.pdf

How to forward desk phone.pdf

How to Setup Google Voice

How to VPN into Alamo Colleges Network.pdf

Mobile Email Configuration.pdf

iPad Remote Desktop and VPN Help Guide.pdf

Steps to Access your Alamo Colleges Office Phone Greeting Management from an External Phone.pdf

Outlook how to guide.pdf

Outlook for Mac.pdf

How to configure Skype for Business on a Mac.docx

Windows Remote Assist:

Skype for Business:

Change your presence status in Skype for Business:

FCC - Home Network Tips for the Coronavirus Pademic: DOC-363362A1.pdf



Instructor Quick Start Guide
Respondus Resources




Avoid Zoom-bombing: 

Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Meetings: Securing Your Zoom Meetings.pdf

How to Enable Passwords in Zoom: Guide

How to Enable Waiting Room and Admit Participants into Zoom Session: Guide

How to Record, Find and Review Recordings in Zoom: Guide

How to Schedule, Record and Post in Canvas: Guide

How to Download and Delete Zoom Cloud Recordings: Guide

How to Download your Zoom Cloud Recordings and Upload to One Drive: Guide

How to Upload Zoom videos to Mediasite: Guide

Security Awareness Tips / Stay Safe Online
  • Be cognizant of FERPA guidelines
  • Do NOT save student data on your home computer
  • Keep your home computer updated with antivirus/security software
  • Do not click on links or attachments from senders that you do not recognize.
  • Do not provide sensitive personal information (like usernames and passwords) over email.
  • Watch for email senders that use suspicious or misleading domain names.
  • Inspect URLs carefully to make sure they’re legitimate and not imposter sites.
  • Do not try to open any shared document that you’re not expecting to receive.
  • Be especially cautious when opening attachments or clicking links if you receive an email containing the Alamo Colleges District warning banner indicating that it originated from an external source.

Be cautious of social engineering attacks (spam, spoofing, phishing, baiting, malware, scareware, adware, etc.).  Alamo Colleges Information Technology employees will never ask for your password in an email

Stay Safe Online: Read more here

 Free Antivirus Product Choices: 


What is a Zoom-bomber?

A Zoom-bomber is an uninvited attendee who deliberately tries to disrupt a Zoom meeting. For more information click


 Security Tips every Teacher and Professor needs to know about Zoom: 

For more infomation: click

How to Enable Passwords in Zoom: Guide

How to Enable Waiting Room and Admit Participants into Zoom Session: Guide

How to Record, Find and Review Recordings in Zoom: Guide

Phone Messaging

Employees who are working remotely, as well as faculty who will be teaching remotely should change their phone voice mail messages to reflect the situation.

Steps to Forward Office Phones to Cell Phones

  • Instructions are included on SharePoint – Remote Employee Toolbox.
    • Refer to the How to foward desk phone guide.
    • The guide is in Alamo Share, therefore you will be prompted to login.  
    • The Alamo Share login is the username and password that you use to login to your office computer.  Username format:  sac\jsmith1234.

Steps to Access Office Voicemail Remotely

Refer to the guide: Accessing your Alamo Colleges District Voicemail from an external source

Steps to Access your Alamo Colleges Office Phone Greeting Management from an External Phone > Click Here

What technology equipment is needed to be able to work away from my office?
  • At a minimum, the following technology is required to work remotely: 
    • Internet
    • Computer
    • Webcam
    • Audio (Speakers/Microphone for Computer)

Need a Scanner?

Click on link below to find out how to turn your Smartphone into a scanner >

Low Cost Internet Information / Discount Programs

Programs are available to bridge the digital divide by providing Alamo Colleges students and employees with low-cost Internet Service.  Visit the link below for additional information:



Computer Options to Work from Home
eClips for Remote Readiness

How to upload a file to Wisetrack