Technical Support Staff

At San Antonio College, Technical Support is organized by zoned service area. Each zone represents several buildings with a specific geographical area of the campus. A Zone leader and Zone staff are assigned to each zone.

For additional information on buildings and staff within each zone, please refer to the list below: 


Download the Technical Support Zone Map

Zone 1 Buildings: Fletcher Administration Center, Koehler House, Ashby, Child Development, Longwith Radio Television Film, Visual Arts Center, District Facilities, CE Annex, Facilities, McAllister Fine Arts
Zone Staff: Juanita Estep and Aaron Hockaday

Zone 2 Buildings: Moody Learning Center, Eco Centro, and Victory Center
Zone Staff: Miguel Lopez and Gilberto Escamilla

Zone 3 Buildings: Chance Academic Center, Campus Police, Duran Welcome Center, EDUC Portable, Science Annex
Zone Staff: Alex Saucedo and Juan Zamora 

Zone 4 Buildings: Empowerment Center, Nursing and Allied Health Complex, Susan R. and Jesse H. Oppenheimer Academic Center
Zone Staff: Christopher Arriaga and Nestor Rivera 

Zone 5 Buildings: Candler Physical Education Center, Chemistry and Geology, Center for Academic Enrichment, Scobee Education Center, and Nail Technical Center
Zone Staff: Cheri Sanchez, and Hamid Ibaroudene 

Zone 6 Buildings: McCrelles Hall, Gonzales Hall, Loftin Student Center
Zone Staff: Irene Garcia and Frank Marcie