Faculty and Staff




Alaniz, Alfred, M.S.
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Phone: (210) 486-0060
Email: aalaniz@alamo.edu
Office: CG 101

Apple, Deana, M.S.
Instructor of Biology
Phone: (210) 486-0844
Email: dapple3@alamo.edu
Office: CAC 365

Bunch, Jeanette, M.S.
Instructor of Student Development
Phone: (210) 486-0350
Email: jniznik@alamo.edu
Office: CAC 326

Bueno, Marianne, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
Phone: (210) 486-1341
Email: mbueno41@alamo.edu
Office: CAC 314

Cain, Patrick, M.A.
Instructor of Political Science
Phone: (210) 486-1002
Email: pcain1@alamo.edu
Office: CAC 223

Chavera, David, M.S.
Professor of Mathematics
Phone: (210) 486-0281
Email: dchavera@alamo.edu
Office: MCCH 312

Falcon, Susan, M.A.
Assistant Professor of English 
Phone: (210) 486-1278
Email: sfalcon@alamo.edu
Office: MCCH 129C

Khan, Suraya, Ph.D. 
Instructor of History
Phone: (210) 486-1709
Email: skhan29@alamo.edu 
Office: CAC 312

Lucchelli, Jim, Ph.D.
Professor of Student Development,
Faculty Sponsor Phi Theta Kappa
Phone: (210) 486-0152
Email: glucchellijr@alamo.edu
Office: MLC 621

Morgan, Kerri M., M.A.
Instructor of Music
Phone: (210) 486-0255
Email: kmorgan31@alamo.edu
Office: McFA 101

Portales, Patricia, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of English
Phone: (210) 486-0681
Email: pportales@alamo.edu
Office: GH 204

Ramsey, Jolinda, M.A.
Assistant Profeessor of Speech
Phone: (210) 486-0496
Emai: jramsey@alamo.edu
Office: MCFA 209

Ramos, Lisa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History,
Coordinator of MAS Program,
Co-Coordinator of History Program
Phone: (210) 486-0761
Email: lramos175@alamo.edu
Office: CAC 100

Serafine, Amelia, Ph.D.
Instructor of History
Phone: (210) 486-1711
Office: CAC 312

Slonaker, Terri, M.A.
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Phone: (210) 486-1333
Email: tslonaker@alamo.edu
Office: CAC 136E

Wallis, Dehlia, M.S.
Associate Professor of Psychology               
Phone: (210) 486-0776
Email: dstrong2@alamo.edu
Office: MLC 614

Whitworth, Amy, Ph.D.
Asscociate Professor of Philosophy
Phone: (210) 486-0248
Email: awhitworth@alamo.edu
Office: OC 228

Woodward, Christy, M.S.
Asscociate Professor of Political Science
Phone: (210) 486-1008
Email: cwoodward@alamo.edu 
Office: CAC 217


Ramirez, Norma L.
Certified Academic Advisor
Phone: (210) 486-1428
Email: nramirez28@alamo.edu
Office: CAC 122B
Harrison, Deborah
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (210) 486-0401
Email: dharrison17@alamo.edu
Office: OC 322
The Honors Academy Program is looking for full-time faculty teaching courses within the Core.  If you are interested in joining our team, please contact your Department Chair about the the application process.