Association of College and University Educators

The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), prepares, credentials, and supports faculty to teach with the practices that improve student achievement and close equity gaps. YOU are SAC’s front line to students and their success.

The Teaching and Learning Center at SAC is proud to offer faculty multiple opportunities to elevate your teaching practices and earn your ACUE Credentials. New courses will be posted soon!
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In its continued commitment to faculty and student success, San Antonio College has partnered with the Association of College and University Educators to offer courses focused on effective teaching practices. These courses prepare educators to use research-based techniques shown to help students succeed. 
SAC Credentialed Educators share they're experience!


Congratulations to San Antonio College's Newest ACUE Credentialed Educators

We’re proud of our faculty who completed a program in the evidence-based teaching practices that help students learn more, stay engaged, and graduate in higher numbers through our partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE).

Congratulations to our faculty members who are expanding their pedagogical skills and earned a American Council on Education endorsed credential by completing an ACUE course.

During the last year, the Teaching and Learning Center supported faculty in expanding their pedagogical skills as part of San Antonio College's partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE).

Please join me in congratulating the newest ACUE Credentialed Educators at San Antonio College!!


Effective Teaching Practices Credential


Mercedes Alba

Rolando Barrientez

Jennifer Caraway

David Chavera

Martin Davila

Marie Juliet Hall

Jeffrey Hunt

Maria Mena

Frank Poyner

Jolinda Ramsey

Rachel Del Rio

Carmen Santiago

Amelia Serafine

Shelly Sheppard

Cheryl Startzell

Marie Valentin

Dehlia Wallis


Effective Online Teaching Practices


Yamin Aguilar

Rafael Azuaje

Yon Hui Bell

Ryan Cabalu

Andrea Cardenas

Laurie Coleman

Susan Cunningham

Julie Engel

Diane Farrell

Sandra Galindo

Benjamin Gracy

Christopher Haugen

Robert Inman

Joan Jaimes

Elizabeth Mancha

Laura Mery

Jose Luis Moreno

Dion Morin

Myra Navarro

Amanda Pepin

Beatrix Perez

Lisa Ramos

Christopher Ray

Gerard Robledo

Melissa Sutherland

Amy Whitworth

Julie Winkler


For more information about future ACUE opportunities at SAC, please contact
Joan J. Jaimes, Ph.D., MPA (she/her/ella)
Director of Teaching and Learning
SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE | San Antonio, Texas | 210.486.0413
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