Military Affiliated Students

Military Support Services was created to attend to the needs of our Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve Service members and their dependents in the San Antonio area, and abroad. The department assists current students and those interested in attending any of the Alamo Colleges.

Advocacy and Resources


Steps for Enrolling

Before engaging in any voluntary education activities, please consult your education service office regarding service-specific requirements, instructions, and/or regulations.

Satisfying admissions at one of the Alamo Colleges gives you access to register at all the Alamo Colleges.

Step 1: Apply

Submit a free online application at ApplyTexas 

Step 2: Submit Official Transcripts

High School or GED transcripts are required for those without prior college (includes those with only Dual Credit coursework).
College transcripts are required if you have prior college coursework (includes Community College of the Air Force).

Send official transcripts and test scores to the following:

Northeast Lakeview College
1201 Kitty Hawk Rd.
Universal City, TX 78148 
Palo Alto College
1400 W. Villaret
San Antonio, TX 78224 
San Antonio College
1819 N. Main Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212 
Northwest Vista College
3535 N. Ellison Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251
St. Philip’s College
1801 Martin Luther King Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78203
Step 3: Satisfy State Testing and Placement Requirements

Most Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve members and Veterans are Exempt from the state testing requirements.  See your advisor or Alamo Colleges installation representative for more information.  Below are some examples which may satisfy Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements:

Submit prior (TSI) Assessment results to the college
Take the TSI Assessment at the college

  • See Assessment if you have any of the following:
    • Prior coursework from regionally accredited institutions
    • SAT or ACT scores within 3 years of enrollment at the Alamo Colleges
    • CLEP test results
    • Other placement exams from previous institutions

*You must have an application on file with the Alamo Colleges to be eligible to take the placement exam through our testing centers.

Alamo Testing Centers

St. Philip’s College students may request a testing exemption below.

TSI Exemption Request Form

Step 4: Residency Status

Most military and dependent family members are eligible for the in-state/in-district tuition rates.  A Military Verification Form may be required.  If you are unsure of your residency status, do not pay out of state rates until you have spoken with a residency specialist through the Admissions Office.  You may also seek assistance through our installation representatives at Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston, or Randolph AFB. 

Step 5: Advising

First-time students at the Alamo Colleges will automatically be placed on a registration hold and must first meet with an advisor before registering.  All students are assigned a Certified Advisor based upon the path selected in the application process.  Please contact Alamo College you will attend for more information.

Transfer students 
may have administrative holds requiring assistance from an Advisor or installation representative.  Please contact Alamo College you will attend for more information.

Academic Advising Centers

Step 6: Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirements

Texas state law requires many students to prove bacterial meningitis vaccination.  Visit our Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination page for more information.

Step 7: Financial Assistance

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see if you qualify for financial assistance.  Pell Grants may be used in conjunction with military Tuition Assistance, Veterans benefits and MyCAA funding.

Military Tuition Assistance (TA)
Active Duty military, National Guard and Reserve members using TA should meet with an Alamo Colleges installation representative to understand the TA process at the Alamo Colleges and get assistance with degree planning and understanding our Department of Defense Contract tuition rates.

Veterans Benefits (VA)
Students wishing to use Veterans benefits should seek guidance through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or the Veterans Affairs Office at the college where the degree or certificate program is sought.  Alamo Colleges Veterans Affairs staff will assist students by providing certification of courses and transmitting such information to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  For more information, contact your college VA office for assistance.  

Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA)
Spouses using MyCAA should meet with our MyCAA representative to understand the MyCAA application process and get assistance with degree planning and understanding our Department of Defense Contract tuition rates.  Visit our MyCAA page for more information.

Alamo Colleges Foundation Scholarship
All students are encouraged to submit a Foundation Scholarship Application..

Tuition Assistance (TA)

Please see our main page for information on our DoD funded tuition rates.  Students in courses with special program tuition should contact our representativesfor assistance with special course tuition rates. 

Students should always consult their service education office before engaging in any voluntary education endeavor.  It's the students' responsibility to know the Tuition Assistance (TA) process and policy for their branch of service and to ensure tuition balances are paid by the payment deadline.  Contact your Education Office or our Alamo Colleges Installation Representatives if you have questions.

Air Force

Tuition assistance must be requested no earlier than 45 days prior to the semester start date and no later than 7 days prior to the semester start date.  Active Duty Air Force members should apply for TA through their Air Force Portal account at the Air Force Virtual Education Center site.  Questions should be directed to your Air Force Education Office. 

Air Force Portal Access


Tuition assistance must be requested no earlier than 60 days prior to semester start date and approved no later than 10 days prior to the semester start date.  Active Duty Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserves should apply for TA through their GoArmyEd account.  Questions should be directed to your Army Education Office

Create a GoArmyEd account
Army TA Overview  

Navy, Marines and Coast Guard

Navy College Program TA Overview Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard TA

Please direct Tuition Assistance questions to your unit education liaison or your service Education Office.

Navy: Download the free voluntary education Navy College Program App from the Google Play or iTunes online stores by searching "Navy College Program". 

Payment Deadline Calendar

Payment Deadline Calendar 

During the months of June and July, the colleges operate on a 4-day work-week, closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  TA and MyCAA documents must be turned in no later than 1500 on the Thursday before payment deadlines in order to be processed.  Students may opt at any time to enroll themselves in a payment plan online through their student account to secure their courses.

DoD Funded (TA/MyCAA) Tuition Rates

Students paying with military TA or MyCAA funding are charged tuition and fees according to the DoD Tuition and Fee Table below:

St. Philip’s College 2020-2021

Requesting TA/MyCAA Funding

Students are expected to know and adhere to their service TA/MyCAA funding procedures and policies.

Registration & Payment Process:

  1. Register for courses (refer to your approved degree plan)
  2. Refer to the DoD Tuition Rate, Student Detail Schedule, and Account Summary
  3. Request TA/MyCAA
  4. Submit approved TA/MyCAA to the college by the payment deadline*
  5. Pay all other balance not covered by TA/MyCAA through your ACES account 
  6. Request payment extension if necessary (see next block)

*Submit your TA payments by email:

TA/MyCAA Funding Documents

All information on your funding document must be correct when submitting it for payment.  We cannot bill TA/MyCAA unless everything on the document matches your enrollment.

Common items resulting in TA/MyCAA rejection by the college:

  • Name on TA/MyCAA does not match the student record
  • Incorrect term dates

Incorrect course information

Payment Deadlines and Payment Extensions

Payment Deadlines

Students must be paid in full, enrolled in a payment plan or have an approved DoD funded payment extension* by the payment deadline to avoid being dropped from all courses.

Semesters include additional parts of term, which may begin later in the semester, such as Start II, Flex II, and Mini-Sessions.

To meet a payment deadline, payment is due for all courses in all parts of term, regardless, of course, start date.  For example, although a course may begin in October, payment is due by the next payment deadline, even if it’s August.

DoD-Funded Payment Extensions

As a courtesy, the college is happy to secure TA/MyCAA students’ courses until the last payment deadline before the start of the long semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).  Contact our team for more information Secure My Courses for TA/MyCAA

TA/MyCAA students requiring additional assistance beyond semester start must submit a “TA MyCAA Payment Deferment Request” through their home college, at the Student Forms site.

Examples of acceptable funding delays for payment extensions: 

  • Service TA system is down
  • Education Office is working on a Problem your military education record
  • Payment deadline is before the funding request window opens
  • Funding is pending approval with payment deadline looming
Refunds and Billing

Students using TA/MyCAA funding should always check with their military/MyCAA education counselor before making any schedule changes.  Students are responsible for understanding implications of schedule changes, to include adds, drops and withdrawals and their effect on student accounts.  Students are responsible for all charges incurred, including those not covered by TA/MyCAA and/or resulting from the return of unearned TA/MyCAA funds.

Questions regarding schedule changes and TA/MyCAA billing should be discussed with the individual's service or MyCAA before changes are made.

Return of Unearned TA/MyCAA refund policy

Student Refund Schedule

Military Support Services Headquarters

Supporting Our Military on Installations

Our military installation locations provide programs and student support services to assist you where you are.

Before engaging in any voluntary education activities, please consult your education service office regarding service-specific requirements, instructions, and/or regulations.

Fort Sam Houston

Lackland Air Force Base

Randolph Air Force Base




General Education Mobile (GEM)

General Enrollment Process
Military Transfer Checklist
DoD Funded (TA/MyCAA) Tuition Rates
Students must be paid in full, enrolled in a payment plan or have an approved payment extension* by the payment deadline to avoid being dropped from all courses.  
  • Payment DEADLINES
    • Three main semesters per year; Fall, Spring, Summer
    • Some semesters include additional parts of term which begin later, such as Start II, Flex II, etc.
    • During a payment deadline, payment is due for all courses in the entire semester, regardless of when they begin 

Payment by TA or MyCAA

    • Students with approved TA or MyCAA funding must submit documentsfor processing
    • Approved TA/MyCAA forms may be submitted by email to or in person to the college Bursar/Business Office
    • All information on TA/MyCAA documents must be correct
    • Forms with incorrect information will not be accepted
  • PAYMENT EXTENSIONS for students with pending TA or MyCAA funding*
    • Occasionally payment deadlines occur before you are eligible to request TA/MyCAA or before your funds are approved
    • Payment extensions may be granted until the last payment deadline before semester start
    • Payment Extension Request* 
      Payment extensions are not processed on holidays or weekends
      Students may opt for a traditional installment plan option to secure their courses through their student account
  • Students are responsible for paying all charges not covered by TA or MyCAA by the payment deadline
    • Payments by credit, debit or check are made through your student account
    • Cash payments are made in person at the college Bursar/Business Office
    • Students are responsible for ensuring financial aid (if awarded) is applie
Paying for Courses and Deferment
Refunds and Billing
Payment Deadline Calendar


Veteran Programs

The Alamo Colleges District, Office of Veterans Affairs processes applicaitons for eligible veterans to obtain Federal and State Veterans Benefits. The colleges participate in veterean education programs provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Educational Programs include:

Note: Chapters 30, 1606 veterans must verify at the end of every month with the VA in order to receive a payment on a timely basis.

The Office of Veterans Affairs also assists Texas veterans in obtaining the Hazelwood Exemption benefits, must complete the payment process at their home campus.

What happens if I fail or drop out of a course?

Failing a course will not affect your GI Bill® benefits, however withdrawing or receiving an incomplete grade for a course may affect your benefits. As long as you receive a grade (pass or fail) the VA will not ask for your GI Bill® money back.