Brian Crawford

Crawford, Brian
Title: Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Department: Math, Computer Science, and Engineering (MCSE)

About Brian Crawford

I'm Brian Crawford, an Adjunct Mathematics Professor at NLC.  I'm entering my second year teaching here and have a passion for teaching mathematics, but more importantly, a desire to help students understand the logic of problem-solving.  I enjoy mentoring, tutoring, and spending time one-on-one or in small groups to help students understand the beauty of math!  I'm on active duty in the US Air Force (20 years as an officer) serving as a data scientist and operations research analyst.  Basically, I'm a math nerd for the Air Force!  

We love San Antonio and have lived here for six years and after military retirement plan to stay in the area for a long time!  In my spare time, I love traveling with my family, watching baseball, watching old Disney movies, and listening to classical music and opera.