CLEP testing

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Northeast Lakeview College provides an opportunity for students to obtain college credit courses in areas that they may have attained college-level proficiency.  When students take the CLEP test for a certain course, they can receive credit and are exempt from that particular class.  By successfully completing the CLEP test, students can shorten the time needed to reach their career and educational goals.

CLEP exams are computer-based tests that allow students to receive their scores after the test.  It is a 90-minute test and after completion, students have the option of submitting or not submitting their CLEP scores to be posted in their college transcript.  Scores are available immediately upon completion unless taking the College Composition with Essay test.

CLEP testing is available to NLC students and the surrounding community. 

How to Register for a CLEP Exam:

1. Speak with an advisor to discuss if CLEP is right for you and to determine which CLEP exam(s) best fit your needs.

2. Register for and purchase your CLEP Exam through Exams are $87 each, choose Northeast Lakeview College as your test site.

3. Schedule your CLEP Exam appointment online here. You will receive a confirmation email with appointment details and testing information. 

4. Pay the $20 NLC CLEP registration test fee through the Alamo Colleges Marketplace. A link will be provided in your confirmation email.

The Day of the Test:

Bring ID:

One form of ID is required. Must be a photo ID (Valid State issued Driver’s license, Current Passport with name, photograph and signature, a Tribal ID Card with name, photograph, and signature, and/or a Naturalization Card or Certificate of Citizenship with name and photograph). Students who do not have the required government-issued ID, please complete a Student ID Form provided by CLEP, which is valid for one year. The form must be accompanied by a recognizable photo, with a school or notary seal overlapping the photo. The form must be signed in front of a school official or notary. If you fail to present appropriate ID, you will not be tested.

Fees (Non-Refundable):

 Test Administration Fee:
A $20.00 administrative proctoring fee is due on the day of exam to Northeast Lakeview College. To pay the proctoring fee online, visit the Virtual Business Office, select Alamo Colleges Market Place Mall, then Alamo Colleges Test Centers, and follow the steps for Northeast Lakeview College. Print receipt and bring to the Assessment Center as proof of payment at the time of your appointment. A cash option for the $20.00 proctoring fee is available at the Bursar's Office, located in the Student Commons Building (Building #300) in Room 103. 

CLEP Test Fee: 
The $87.00 Test Fee is paid to College Board and a CLEP Exam Registration Ticket will be issued with your Voucher ID. You will need to register and pay at under the GET STARTED WITH CLEP tab. A copy of this Registration Ticket is due at the time of testing. Northeast Lakeview College does not accept any other form of payment other than a CLEP Exam Registration Ticket on the day of exam.

Alamo Colleges CLEP General Regulations:

A.  A student must have six (6) hours of completed college-level credit to qualify for CLEP credit.

B.  The maximum credit allowed through any combination of exams is 32 semester hours. Credit allowances may vary with specific departments and individual exams.

C.  A grade of “CR” is awarded when scores meet the minimum score requirement for the exam. Minimum score requirements are listed in a separate section.

D.  Credit hours earned by examination will not be included in a student’s GPA computation; however, the semester hours are counted for graduation.

E.  Credit by examination may not be earned for any course a student has already completed in the classroom.

F.  A student enrolled in a course for which credit by examination is sought must:

            1. Withdraw from the course by the census date. 
            2. Take the exam before the semester/session census date (or a day prior to the census date).

G.  A student who enrolled but did not complete a course or did not earn a passing grade in a previous semester/session is eligible for credit by exam, provided at least six months have lapsed since the specific semester ended.

H.  A student who receives credit by exam may choose to not have it posted on his/her transcript and instead take its respective class for credit.

I.  Credit by exam awarded by the Alamo Colleges applies to its programs of study; such credit may transfer to other institutions according to the policies of the receiving institution. The student should consult the transfer institution regarding its policies and acceptance of evaluated credit.

For a list of CLEP Exam subjects, scores required, and credit awarded by the Alamo Colleges, click here. 

Other Information:

Re-testing Policy: 

Students must wait six (6) months before taking an exam if the exam has been taken before or if a student has been enrolled for the class previously.         

Obtaining CLEP Transcripts:

If you did not indicate a score recipient institution at the time of your exam and you want to request your CLEP scores, you can do so by ordering a CLEP transcript. This transcript is a cumulative score report of all the CLEP exams you've taken and the scores you earned in the last 20 years.


For more information on CLEP and access to study guides, please visit the College Board CLEP website.