The Texas Success Initiative, or TSI, is a state requirement that students demonstrate college readiness in reading, writing, and math before taking college-level credit classes. You must take the TSI State Test or show proof of exemption or waiver from the requirement.

Exemptions and Waivers

You may be eligible for an exemption from the Texas Success Initiative requirement based on your college coursework, military experience or previous assessment scores. Do not take the TSI assessment if any of the following circumstances apply.

College Coursework

You earned an associate degree or higher or you have an official transcript from a Texas college or university that shows you meet TSI requirements. 

Military Experience

You were honorably discharged, retired or released from active duty, Texas National Guard, or military reserves on or after August 1, 1990. You are on active-duty service in the US military, the Texas National Guard or as a reservist and have completed at least three years service before enrolling at the Alamo College District. 

Level 1 Certificate Program

A student who is seeking a certificate program of one year or less (42 or fewer semester credit hours). If you change your major or certificate level program then TSI requirements apply.  

Previous Scores

The Alamo College District accepts scores on the SAT, ACT, and other approved assessment exams that are less than five years old. 

Minimum Scores Eligible for TSI Exemption
TEST Reading & Writing Math Additional Requirement
SAT (March 2016 and later) 480+ Evidence Based Reading and Writing 530+ Math  
SAT (Prior to March 2016) 500+ Critical Reading 500+ Math Combined Critical Reading and Math must = 1070+
ACT 19+ English 19+ Math Composite Score must = 23+
TAKS Exit Level 2200 English Language Arts and 3+ Writing sub-score 2200 Math  

Pre-Assessment Activity

All students taking the TSI exam must complete both the GoFAAR and test prep modules located under the Start Here tab in your ACES account

Collectively called the Pre-Assessment activity, these online modules address:

1. The importance of assessment in a student's academic career.

2. Provide sample questions in all subject areas covered on the TSI.

3. Offer information on developmental education options including course pairing, non-course based, modular, and other non-conventional interventions.

4. Information on institutional and community resources available to assist students with college success.

Scheduling an Appointment & Payment of Test Fee

Day of the Test

From there, report to the Student Commons (Building #300) room 227 - Assessment Center location. 

You MUST bring the following with you on the day of the test: 

1. A valid photo ID (ex. State Driver's License, Student ID card, State ID Card, Passport); 
2. Proof of payment. See instructions above.; 
3. Your Banner ID number.

Notepaper will be provided for you to use during testing; however, no other notepaper or note-taking devices may be used during the test. An onscreen calculator will be provided for the Math Section of the test; no other calculators are permitted.

What to Expect:

Arrive at the Assessment center at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment. The TSI Exam is an untimed exam. The average student takes 4 hours to complete the exam. 

Results are available immediately following the exam. Upon completion of the test, a Group Advising appointment may be scheduled (all other admissions requirements must be completed prior to scheduling of appointment).  

Please note that any unapproved items for your exam will not be allowed in testing rooms; purses, cell phones, books, etc. It is advised to leave these items in a safe place while testing. You will not be allowed to test with any unapproved items in testing room.