Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative or TSI is a state mandate that requires all students to demonstrate college readiness in reading, writing, and math before taking college-level credit courses. 

Exemptions & Waivers

You may be eligible for an exemption or waiver from the TSI based on your previous college coursework, military experience or previous test scores. Do not take the TSI if any of the following apply to you:

College Coursework

You earned an associates degree or higher or you have an official transcript from an accredited institution with college-level math and English courses. 

Military Experience

You were honorably discharged, retired, or released from active duty, Texas National Guard, or military reserves on or after August 1, 1990. You are on active-duty service in the US military, the Texas National Guard or as a reservist and have completed at least three years of service before enrolling at the Alamo College District. 

Level 1 Certificate Program

You are seeking a certificate program of one year or less (42 or fewer semester credit hours). If you change your major or certificate level program then TSI requirements will apply.

Previous Test Scores
Minimum Scores Eligible for TSI Exemption
TEST Reading & Writing Math Additional Requirement


(March 2016 & later)

480+ Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 530+ Math  


(Prior to March 2016)

500+ Critical Reading 500+ Math Combined Critical Reading & Math must = 1070+
ACT 19+ English 19+ Math Composite Score must = 23+


Pre-Assessment Activity

All students taking the TSI assessment must complete both the GoFAAAR and test prep modules located under the Start Here tab in your ACES account. 

Collectively called the Pre-Assessment Activity, these online modules address:

  1. The importance of assessment in a student's academic career.
  2. Provide sample questions in all subject areas covered on the TSI.
  3. Offer information on developmental education options including course pairing, non-course based, modular and other non-conventional interventions. 
  4. Information on institutional and community resources available to assist students with college success. 

The pre-assessment activity must be completed prior to testing, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Scheduling a TSI Appointment

Before scheduling a TSI appointment please be sure the following items are completed:

  • An active application must be on file
  • Pre-assessment activity complete
    • Log into ACES
    • Complete GoFAARR and Test Prep Modules (found under "Start Here" tab)

Once the above-listed items are complete, you may schedule a TSI appointment. Our hours and appointment times can be found here.

TSI Fees

 $32 for a full exam

 $12 per individual portion (if a full exam is not required)

You will be sent an email confirming your appointment, this confirmation will include a link to the virtual business office to pay your test fee. Please do not pay your test fee until you have received your email confirmation, we want to ensure you are paying the correct fee. If you are paying online you will receive a receipt via email. You also have to option to pay cash or check, plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to use this payment option. 

On Test Day

Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment if you have already paid your test fee. If you need to pay the day of your appointment please plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

You will need to show a valid picture ID and proof of test fee payment.