Course Exam Center

The Course Exam Center (CEC) offers proctoring for:

The Course Exam Center (CEC) at Northeast Lakeview College offers exam proctoring services under special circumstances for students enrolled in Alamo Colleges courses, specifically:

    • Make-up exam for students who miss an exam date
    • Distance education exam for online Alamo College courses that need a physical exam site
    • Accommodation exam for students who have proper documentation

All proctoring is available in person only.

A valid picture ID is required of all testers....NO EXCEPTIONS.

Student Information

Student Guidelines

  • Students must present a valid picture ID. No picture ID. No test. No exceptions.
  • Students are responsible for knowing the CEC hours of operation. Students should verify hours posted at the center and online before taking a test, as they may occasionally be subject to change.
  • Students may test on a walk-in basis. Students will be notified of the maximum time limit (the most amount of time allowed to spend on the test) and the minimum time limit (the least amount of time allowed to spend on the test). The CEC will strictly adhere to these guidelines.
  • Students must plan responsibly to arrive with adequate time to complete their test. Students should keep in mind that there may be a waiting period during peak testing times.
  • Students may use only materials allowed by the instructor. Students must leave all items not necessary for the test with the technician, including food, drinks, cell phones, and electronic devices.
  • Students are responsible for bringing allowed testing materials. The CEC is not responsible for providing materials such as pen, pencils, scratch paper, calculators, etc.
  • Students must be quiet in the exam area. Talking or other disruptions will result in tests being picked up and returned to the instructor, regardless of completion status.
  • Students must stay in the testing area until the test is complete unless otherwise allowed by the instructor. Leaving the exam center will result in the test being picked up and returned to the instructor. If you have a special issue, please see the technician.
  • Students must adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy. Scholastic dishonesty issues, including but not limited to academic misconduct, cheating, and collusion, will result in the test being picked up and returned to the instructor. The instructor will be notified of the situation and may file an Academic Integrity Report. See the Student Code of Conduct for details.
  • All tests must be turned in by closing time, regardless of completion status, and will be returned to the instructor. Testing hours will not be extended under any circumstance.
  • These guidelines are intended to help staff in the Course Exam Center provide quality service to students and faculty while protecting the integrity of the test proctoring process. If you have any questions, please call 210-486-5177 or visit STCM 227.
Faculty Information

Before students can take an exam at the CEC, their instructor first has to contact the center to make arrangements for test proctoring. The CEC only administers exams that are accompanied by an Exam Form with guidelines from the instructor. Forms can be emailed to 

Exam Form

CEC Instructor Guidelines

CEC Student Guidelines

Contact Information

Contact Information
Brazos Student Union 227

(210) 486-5177