Graduation Commencement May 10, 2023

Degree & Certificate Awarding


Every student must Apply to Graduate.  Participation in the Commencement Ceremony is optional.  

Students must also:

  • Complete all required courses and semester credit hours for the specific degree or certificate.
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the coursework that applies to the student’s degree certificate program.
  • Submit official transcripts of all coursework attempted at other colleges and universities.
  • Earn a grade of “C” or better in all technical courses directly relating to the technical program, i.e., Associate of Applied Science Degree or Certificate programs.
  • Earn at least 25% of degree hours required for graduation in residency at the college.
  • Fulfill all Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.
  • Be in Good Academic Standing at the end of the term the student is receiving the award
  • Clear all holds on records
  • Meet with an advisor to confirm eligibility
Apply to Graduate

Every student must apply to graduate.  Participation in the commencement ceremony is optional.

Fill out your graduation application here:  

Graduation Application

Make an appointment with your assigned Advisor to evaluate and confirm your graduation eligibility:  

In ACES, click the Alamo Navigate icon in your "Start Here" tab.  Follow the prompts to schedule an appointment with your assigned Advisor.

If Northeast Lakeview College is not your home campus, please see NLC Admissions and Records to submit a change of primary institution form.


Do I have to attend the ceremony in order to receive my diploma?

No; walking the stage is optional.  All diplomas are mailed out 8-10 weeks after completion of degree requirements.

I've completed my Alamo Colleges Associate Degree requirements while at a four-year college; how can I get awarded by NLC?

This is considered a Reverse Transfer. Once you have completed 66 hours or a Bachelor's Degree, email your updated college transcripts to

I no longer live in the Alamo Colleges area; how can I get awarded without seeing my advisor?

This is considered an Auto Award.  Fill out the online graduation application and e-mail your assigned advisor to consent to Automatic Awarding.

Why do I have to meet with my Advisor?

Meeting with your Advisor ensures you've submitted all of the necessary documents. In addition, your Advisor will review your GPS to confirm eligibility, verify your major and catalog year, and have the opportunity to congratulate you in person.

Can I get more than one Diploma?

Students may receive more than Degree from NLC.  Have this discussion with your Advisor.

Students can order a duplicate Diploma for a $25 fee here:

I’ve submitted my Graduation Application. Now what?!?

You will receive a letter detailing Graduation information.  Also, be on the lookout for our Graduation Fiesta!  

The Alamo Colleges District offers you the opportunity to achieve your educational goal, whether you want to earn a degree or certificate that leads to a high-demand, well-paid job, earn academic credit you can transfer to a university to earn a bachelor’s degree or improve your skills to move up the career ladder.

Visit Career Advising for resume’ tips, and various career opportunities: Student Commons STCM 124.  E-mail  nlc‐ or call (210) 486‐5143 to set up an appointment.

How can I order my Alamo Colleges Transcripts?

Students can request transcripts online via ACES. Current students can access web services at the top left corner of their 'Student' page:

Web Services > Student tab > Student Records > Request Official Transcript