Wintermester 2020

Information for Students Taking a Wintermester Course

Transcripts for Wintermester courses will not be available until February 2021.

Wintermester starts December 14, 2020, and ends January 1, 2021, for a total of three weeks. Wintermester courses are offered in an online format.

Support Services:

Staff and faculty will be available to respond to student questions and concerns during the Wintermester term.

Academic Calendar and Payment Deadlines:

December 9


Registration Closes for Wintermester

December 13 at 12:59 PM


Final Payment Deadline (need to verify)

December 14


Classes Begin, Last Day to Add

December 15


Census Date

December 23


Midterm Grades Due

December 25



December 28


Last Day to Withdraw

January 1


Last Day of Class and Final Exam

College Campus is closed from December 19-January 1. However, online services and support services listed above will be available.

Students are limited to one Wintermester course.


Payment (does not include student activity fee of $3 per credit hour, international education fee of $1 per semester, campus access fee of $25 per semester)

  • E-Rate $170 per semester credit hour (for students taking only online courses)*
  • In-District   $99.00 per semester credit hour
  • Out-of-District  $215.00 per semester credit hour
  • International $466.00 per semester credit hour

*Be aware: If a student enrolls in a face-to-face course in the spring semester, a tuition recalculation may go into effect that removes the E-Rate tuition.

Financial Aid:

  • Financial Aid cannot pay Wintermester registration costs before the start of term; however, if a student enrolls in spring courses, then the student can be reimbursed for Wintermester registration costs once spring awards are posted and disbursed. (Assuming the student financial aid package is larger than costs to attend).
  • If a student enrolls for additional spring classes in either 16-week or Flex terms, the Wintermester course will be included in the financial aid enrollment and aid eligibility/disbursement calculation. 
  • If a student does not enroll for additional spring classes, there is no Spring financial aid eligibility or funds disbursed, even if a student enrolled and completed a Wintermester class.