Department Programs

At the SAC Empowerment Center, a wide range of services is offered to students on the department’s caseload including: academic advising, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Student Program Support, parenting support programs, leadership development programs and other special programming. 

Dreamers/DACA/Undocumented Student Program Support

The purpose of this program is to provide undocumented and other students enrolled at San Antonio College with services and support to assist in their enrollment, retention and transfer. Our goal is to provide a space for DACA eligible students, undocumented students and immigrant students can feel informed, supported and encouraged in order to reach their educational goals.

Services include:

  • Assistance with Dream US Applications
  • Mentor Support
  • Mental Health Resource Referrals
  • Legal Resources
  • Case Load Advising & Supplemental Advising
  • Workshops, Events & Gatherings

Please see our webpage for more information:

Leadership Development Programs
  • Adelante Leadership Academy (ALA) for Student Parents - This program provides leadership training for low-income student parents at San Antonio College. Through a series of workshops delivered in an "academy" format, a focus is placed on creating a culture of community and caring among participants while exposing them to diverse women leaders, with the ultimate goal of developing a coalition of confident women. 
  • Dreamers Club - The Dreamers Club is a student led safe
    space for our undocumented/DACAmented students to receive the needed support that will allow them to achieve their academic goals. Opportunities to gain confidence through leadership skill development are provided. The department works with all SAC academic and student service areas to address our students unique needs in order to support them through graduation.
    For more information call (210) 486-0455 or email
  • Women4WomenStudent Organization - This year-long program focuses on helping SAC women students learn to identify their leadership style, their leadership qualities, while networking with other women and gaining practical experience in leading.  

Empowerment Center Certified Advisors are trained to be attuned to the specific needs of adult re-entry women and other non-traditional populations new to a campus environment. Students on our caseloads receive: individual academic advisement in all degree areas, case-management, community and campus referrals.