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The division of Integrated Planning and Performance Excellence (IPPE) provides leadership in developing and maintaining a consistent, continuous and data informed cycle of planning, assessment and improvement efforts at the department, program and institution-level. IPPE promotes continuous improvement, institutional effectiveness, and sustainability by fostering a culture that understands, values and uses evidence to inspire decisions and actions that enhance student learning and furthers SAC's Mission, Vision and Values.


The division of Integrated Planning and Performance Excellence (IPPE) fulfills its mission by...

 ...Documenting the policies, procedures, processes, guidelines and outcomes related to integrated planning, on-going assessment, continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness in order to ensure the information needed to tell the story of SAC's journey of sustainable excellence is captured.

...Creating formal and informal strategies for gathering and sharing information related to integrated planning, on-going assessment, continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness in order to ensure transparency and increase success.


 ...Ensuring all planning, assessment and continuous improvement processes of the college are aligned, on-going, institution-wide, research based and integrated. At SAC this includes the following processes:

  •  Strategic Planning - IPPE is responsible for overseeing a collaborative strategic planning process and establishing opportunities for involvement of those within the college and in the community for participation in all phases of creating, evaluating and updating the SAC Strategic Plan.
  •  Assessment - IPPE promotes a college-wide culture of inquiry and assessment by leading and supporting the development, implementation, validation and reporting of academic and administrative outcomes.
    • Learning Outcomes - IPPE facilitates, coordinates and supports college-wide assessment efforts aimed at understanding and improving student learning and /or administrative unit outcomes.
    • Unit Review - IPPE coordinates and supports a systematic unit review process to ensure on-going quality of academic, student success and administrative units of the college.
  •  Current Initiatives - IPPE incorporates and documents current district-coordinated initiatives (such as 4DX) designed to support institutional effectiveness into SAC's integrated planning, assessment and improvement efforts.

 ...Designing, overseeing and guiding a comprehensive and on-going process that prepares the College for reaffirmation of its accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and positions the college for other expectations regarding local, state or national accountability.

 ...Developing, coordinating, deploying and overseeing an integrated and participative plan and structure for SAC to continue its Baldrige journey as part of the continuing efforts to maximize institutional quality and effectiveness.

 ...Working with Institutional Research (IR) to define the college's outcomes measures and performance indicators.

 ...Designing, coordinating and monitoring processes and strategies to appropriately respond to identified opportunities for improvement emerging from data-based evidence.

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