Unit Review

Unit Review Introduction

A critical component of the success of any individual, group, or institution is an ongoing evaluation, assessment, and refinement of all activities to ensure maximum productivity. At San Antonio College, we use a systematic and broad-based planning and evaluation model designed to ensure that all academic units and administrative and support services achieve their goals and objectives, as an integral part of the College's overall planning and resource allocation process, it is important that qualitative and quantitative elements of both instructional units and student support services be examined on a periodic basis. Each department should have a standing committee that monitors the state of the department on an annual basis and, once every three years, reports on that progress to the College through the three-year Unit Review Process.


Unit Review Definition

Unit review is, by definition, an introspective analysis of the current state of a unit; however, it is also the vehicle that drives long-range planning for the unit. As such, the Unit Review process should not be viewed as a once-in-three-year "chore" that must be dutifully completed to satisfy an accreditation requirement; instead, it provides an opportunity for a unit to reflect upon its progress in the previous half-decade, to understand how it arrived at its current state, and to make internal adjustments to ensure an even more productive future. If done well, the unit review process highlights areas where the unit performs well in relation to the educational mission of San Antonio College, identifies areas where the unit could improve, and sets long-term goals and objectives for the unit.


Unit Review Timeline