Super-Secret Study Spaces

The secret is out! The library at SAC has transformed its physical space to add numerous self-contained study pods for students. The pods function as mini-workstations for students looking for a quiet place to study, take part in a Zoom class, or conduct a job interview or other activities that require a little privacy.

Since February 2022, the library has been installing the study pods on the third, and fourth floors of the Moody Learning Center. Right now, the library has 39 study pods and plans to add a dozen more.

The study pods come in two sizes. The single pod looks like an oversized phone booth (for people who remember what phone booths look like). It contains a chair, a small desktop, and power outlets to hook up laptops and other devices.

The double pod size has a larger desktop and four chairs and, if needed, can accommodate up to four people to collaborate on a project.

Both types of pods have fans that can help cancel outside noise.

Funding for the study pods came from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund from the Department of Education. The new grant was created as a response to academic needs related to the pandemic.

Because of the flexible installation possibilities for the study pods, the library has been able to set up different floor plans for areas. Students will still have access to study rooms that can seat several people and contain white boards, with some including computers projectors. The different floors also have tables and open spaces where students can gather and collaborate.

Consequently, there will be several options for different studying styles. From an open space where students can talk to each other, to the double pods that add a little more privacy, to single pods that offer almost complete silence.

The study pods are open to all students and there is no need to reserve them. Students can also bring food and drink inside the library during marathon study sessions.

Second Floor

Five group study rooms with computers and projectors, one Nursing study room, 50 computers for student use, multiple study carrels, tables, and soft seating.

Third Floor

Six study rooms with computers, multiple study carrels, tables, soft seating, four study pods, and a juvenile area with soft seating.

Fourth Floor

Six study rooms, 35 study pods, quiet to silent study area group/noisy study area including lounge areas, whiteboard wall, portable whiteboard wall, portable whiteboards, and special study nooks.