Online Teaching Certification for SAC Faculty

Online Teaching Certification at San Antonio College is a two-step process and includes:

1. SAC Online Teaching Certification (OTC) Course
2. Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Course (APPQMR) QM 7th Edition

In compliance with Alamo Colleges Board Policies & Procedures, the Teaching and Learning Center offers Online Teaching Certification (OTC) to ALL FACULTY(full-time and adjunct) at San Antonio College regardless of course modality. Per E.1.9 Online Learning Policy, the goal is to certify all faculty to teach online to increase online course offerings. More details of this requirement can be found in the Faculty Handbook. Completion of both steps is required for Online Teaching Certification. (Dual Credit, Fire faculty, Law instructors, and music faculty teaching private lessons only, are exempt from the OTC requirement.) New faculty should complete Step 1 (OTC Course) during their first-semester teaching at SAC. Step 2 may be completed as soon as possible within their first three semesters of being hired at SAC.

IMPORTANT: All Canvas courses must adhere to the latest version of the SAC Course Layout, and annual recertification of APPQMR is mandatory to maintain Online Teaching Certification.


  • Online Teaching Certification (OTC) Course

    Choose from one of the upcoming courses below and register in AlamoTalent.

    SAC OTC (type this in AlamoTALENT search to register for the cohort that best fits your schedule)


    SUMMER 2024

    OTC Course Cohort 49
    May 31 to July 5, 2024

    OTC Course Cohort 50
    June 28 to July 26, 2024


    FALL 2024

    OTC Course Fall 2024 Cohort 1
    August 16 to September 13, 2024

    OTC Course Fall 2024 Cohort 2
    September 13 to October 18, 2024

    OTC Course Fall 2024 Cohort 3
    October 18 to November 22, 2024

    OTC Course Fall 2024 Cohort 4
    November 22 to January 3, 2025

    This is an asynchronous hybrid course on Canvas. Faculty learners will take the course at their own pace and complete the 17 assignments by the class end date. This course is HYBRID because meeting times for one-on-one assistance to complete the course are available at Faculty Learner’s request to accommodate their schedule.

    During the OTC Course, Faculty Learners will build their sandbox to apply what they learn during Step 2: APPQMR.

    Online Teaching Course (OTC): This course is the first of two steps for Online Teaching Certification at San Antonio College for Faculty. The workshop will introduce Faculty Learners to Canvas as well as different tools and techniques that can be used on their own course to ensure students are fully involved in the learning process. It will emphasize research-based teaching strategies that will positively impact students' experiences in the online or hybrid classroom. In addition, the workshop will provide the opportunity to experiment with many of the Canvas tools available when building a course. This OTC course is also an opportunity for faculty learners to sample online learning from the student's perspective.

    The OTC course is arranged in a series of topics and related tasks. During the training, faculty learners will be building their own online/hybrid course simultaneously in a Canvas Sandbox. For example, they will learn about the importance of applying the SAC Course Layout which includes elements for a good online course home page, and then build their home page within their SandBox course. Faculty learners will be able to use content from their existing courses, their department, and their colleagues.  

    A complete list of all sessions are available in Alamo Talent.  To register for the course, access AlamoTALENT via ACES and within the search box, search for “SAC OTC”.   

  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) 7th Edition

    Learn the underlying principles behind the QM Rubric and the critical elements of the QM quality assurance process. Learn about drafting helpful recommendations as you apply the Rubric to an actual course. This is Step 2 of Online Teaching Certification at San Antonio College. 
    All faculty at Alamo Colleges District that complete APPQMR and re-certify with the most recent edition each year, may qualify for a stipend. 
    Register for any ONE of the following dates/modalities offered this Spring.

    APPQMR 2-3 Week Online
    Asynchronous Workshop


    APPQMR 8-Hour Face-to-Face Workshop

    This workshop is offered by Alamo Colleges District Faculty Development Facilitators and Managed by Quality Matters.       This workshop is offered by SAC Instructional Innovation Center Face-to-Face in MLC 712


    Summer 2024

    May 17th - June 3rd
    June 14th - July 1st
    July 12th - July 30th






    Click here to register for the dates that best fit your schedule!       Click here to sign into ACES and register in AlamoTalent!

    The Quality Matters online APPQMR is an intense and time-sensitive course. This course is facilitated by Alamo Colleges District and managed by Quality Matters. The District facilitators, like all Quality Matters facilitators do not control the content or any logistics of the course. ALL Quality Matters facilitators complete a rigorous certification in order to be able to facilitate this course. By enrolling in the course you are making a commitment to complete all the assessments and adhere to the schedule over the entire workshop\course. This is an asynchronous course taken on an online learning management platform. By enrolling in the course, you are making a commitment to complete all the assessments and adhere to the schedule over the entire workshop\course. 

    Fill out the form below to be enrolled in the workshop of your choice.




    This special workshop introduces you to the Quality Matters rubric and how you can apply it to your online courses.  This is the QM foundation workshop for anyone who might be interested in participating on a peer review team in the future.  As a participant, you will also be able to apply the strategies to your own online course design.  Those who successfully complete the workshop will receive a Quality Matters certificate of completion.  This course is the first of the two courses leading to QM Peer Review Certification. This is a FACE-TO-FACE APPQMR Workshop hosted in the SAC IIC Lab at MLC 712.

    Search in AlamoTALENT by clicking on My Learning > Events Calendar and look at the date of your choice.

    Click here to register for the dates that best fit your schedule!       Click here to sign into ACES and register in AlamoTalent!
    If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact Dr. Bobbie Myatt at or Dr. Carmen Mercedez at
    If you have any questions, or need more information, feel free to contact Yvonne Galindo at or Usha Venkat at
  • To update your APPQMR 6th Edition to the 7th Edition (After July 2023), please log in to MyQM.


    Log in to MyQM
    Find the My Account on the left
    Click on the +
    Click on Change My Affiliation to update your new institution to Alamo Colleges District
    Find the Workshop – Register on the left
    Click on the +
    Click on the Update Role Reinstatement: HE Seventh Edition

    Follow the instructions on the screen. If you or your department admin have a Pcard you can pay for it that way.

    They will send you a course invite on their own Canvas about an hour later to start the course at your own pace.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Dr. Jaimes

  • Why do I need to take the Alamo Colleges
    APPQMR Recertification Course? 

    • This is the recertification course delivered by Alamo Colleges District Faculty Development to satisfy the requirement to continue to receive the stipend. The details of this stipend are found in the document above title Updated APPQMR Certification Pay Fact Sheet.

    Who is it for?

    • All previous Quality Matters participants that are currently receiving and are choosing to continue receiving the Alamo Colleges APPQMR stipend. 

    How is it delivered?

    • This course is delivered entirely online, asynchronously, within the Alamo Colleges Canvas system.
    if you have any questions, or need more information, feel free to contact  Dr. Carmen Mercedez at  or  Bobbie Myatt at 


All SAC Courses on Canvas for any modality must use the SAC Course Layout 2022. Learn How by watching this Video.


Do you have questions about Canvas or OTC?


Ask a Faculty Champion


Thank you to all of the SAC Faculty Champions for sharing their time and talent by providing Online Teaching Support.

Each department has identified Faculty Champions that are Online Teaching Certified and can provide assistance to Faculty that are currently enrolled in the OTC Course, are preparing their own course for Peer Review or may have other questions about Online Teaching for their specific discipline. Please email if you would like to be included on this list as a Faculty Champion.

Online Teaching Certification at San Antonio College is a three step program and includes:

  1. SAC Online Teaching Certification (OTC) Course
  2. Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Course (APPQMR) QM 6th Edition
  3. SAC Online/Hybrid Course Peer Review Process

Find more information on the Online Teaching Certification page.



Faculty Champions by Discipline/Department



Faculty Champion



Aurelia Rocha

Engineering (MAPE)
Paula McKenna
Lynda Aguirre
Meagan Whaley
Ruby Martinez
Ricardo Pina
David Chavera

Computer Information Systems
ITSA Academy
Radio, Television, & Broadcasting
Music Business

American Sign Language
Interpreter Training
English as a Second Language
World Languages
International Studies
Court Reporting

Student Development
Human Services

Kathryn J. Miller

Kara Mowrey

Dehlia Wallis

Social Work
Early Childhood Studies
Criminal Justice
Terri Sinclair
Protective Services
Law Enforcement Academy
Mortuary Science
Political Science
Allied Health
Dental Assisting
Medical Assisting
Emergency Medical Services
Journalism & Photography
EDUC 1301 & 2301
Teacher Education
Mexican American Studies

Kara Mowrey

Ben Gracy

Biological Studies
Earth Sciences
Jeremy Motley
Christopher Ray
Human Resources Management
Public Administration
Real Estate
Paralegal Studies













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