Graduation FAQs

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Diploma Questions

Do I have to attend the graduation ceremony to receive my degree?

No, you do not have to attend the graduation ceremony to receive a degree but you do need to apply for graduation to have your degree reviewed so you can be awarded a degree.

When will I receive my diploma?

Ten to twelve weeks after the official close of the term in which you have graduated.

Fall graduates: mid-February
Spring graduates: early-August
Summer graduates: mid-October

Important Information

On Monday, July 8, 2024, Spring 2024 graduates will receive an email from Parchment. 

Once you receive the email you will have 72 hours to update your mailing address for your diploma, if needed. With this advance notice, we hope to minimize the number of returned diplomas.

What if I want to purchase a duplicate diploma or re-print?

Students may request a re-print or duplicate diploma at the link below, the fee is $25.

What will my diploma look like?

Students being awarded an Associate of Art or Associate of Science will have their diploma printed accordingly. They are not pre-major specific.

AAS degrees and Certificates will be printed according to the actual degree being followed.  

What if I have not received my diploma and it has already been 10-12 weeks after the official close of the term?

Check your mailing address on your ACES account. Chances are it was sent to that location. It is important to check your mailing address and make updates if necessary before you apply to graduate.

If your mailing address is correct, please check with your local post office.

If the local post office does not have it, please contact


Applying for Graduation

To be awarded a degree or certificate, students should request preparation of a degree audit and file a Graduation Application with their advisor once they have registered for their last classes remaining on their degree plan. One application is required for each degree or certificate requested.


How to Apply for Graduation

Meet with an Advisor

You can apply for graduation during an appointment with your certified academic advisor. This appointment should take place as soon as you have registered for your final classes.


Advising Appointment Questions

When should I visit with my Academic Advisor for Graduation Advising?

You will want to visit with your Certified Advisor regularly to make sure you’re on track with your degree/transfer plan. It is important you understand exactly how your classes are being applied to your degree here at SAC as well as how they will apply to a transfer institution.

Why meet with your assigned advisor?

  • Process a degree review
  • File the necessary paper work
  • Complete the mandatory graduation application
  • Confirm if you will be attending the commencement ceremony

What should I expect during my graduation advising session?

During your mandatory advising session you will expect to have your Certified Advisor review your Alamo GPS, verify your major and catalog year, complete any necessary forms and paperwork, and complete an application for graduation.

It is important you update your mailing address in your ACES account as diplomas are sent to the address you have listed.   


Other Questions You May Have

What are the steps to complete my degree and graduate?
  1. Meet with an advisor (determine your goals)
  2. Choose a degree
  3. Follow your degree plan
  4. Apply for graduation (after you have registered for your final classes in the degree plan you’re following).
Do the requirements for a degree ever change?

You will stay on the degree plan and catalog year that you are following. Do not check the latest catalog for the latest degree plan as it may have been updated. Instead follow the degree plan from the year you started as a student or the year you declared your major. If you're unsure, check with your assigned advisor. If you decide to change your major and/or catalog year, you must meet with your assigned advisor to process the change and review the new major and/or catalog year requirements.

You have five years to complete the degree plan requirements. Once the five years have passed, you would meet with your assigned advisor to look at a newer catalog year or ask for a catalog extension. Changing catalog years may also change degree requirements. 

How many college credit hours does it take to earn an associate degree from SAC?

Approximately 60 college level credit hours.

Which developmental level courses count toward degree completion?

Developmental level courses do not count toward degree completion but are necessary to enroll in college-level classes.

What is the difference between commencement and graduation?

Commencement refers to the ceremony, which is an opportunity for students to celebrate their academic accomplishments with their peers, family and friends. There is no cost for graduation. The diploma, cap and gown are provided by the Alamo Colleges District. Participation in commencement does not guarantee or indicate degree completion.

Graduation is a process consisting of meeting with your certified academic advisor, applying for graduation on paper, updating your diploma name and address in ACES if necessary, along with completing all academic requirements.

Is there a graduation application fee?


What are the requirements to be eligible for graduation?

To be awarded an Associate Degree and/or Certificate you must fulfill the degree requirements from your selected degree plan. Please review your appropriate college catalog to learn more about your degree requirements.

Who do I contact if any of the information provided on my application for graduation has changed?

You may contact your assigned advisor or the degree completion team at by the last day of your final class date.  

What if I applied for graduation but was not awarded my degree?

If you are missing requirements, you'll need to reapply the following semester by the official deadline. Please contact your Academic Advisor to ensure you have fulfilled all degree requirements.

*Note: In the Fall, the deadline is typically at the end of October. In the Spring, the deadline is typically in mid-March. In the Summer, the deadline is typically at the end of June.

How do I check the status of my graduation application?

Your graduation application will remain under review until your last day of classes. After grades are posted, the final graduation application review begins and graduation status is determined. 

How can I check if I meet Academic requirements to graduate?
  • Log in to your ACES Student Account
  • Click on Alamo GPS
  • Enter you Student ID
  • Check your Academic Information and Degree Requirements
When can I request my transcript with my degree award?

You can typically see your degree award on your transcript 9 weeks after the end of the semester. At that time, you can request your transcripts.