Mark Sadler

Sadler, Mark
Title: Professor of Philosophy
Department: BPT

About Mark Sadler

My life is sort of like an abstract painting – it is a combination of many, at times, competing images, patterns, and colors. I am a native Texan. I joined the USAF out of high school and served ten years repairing and later modifying and designing avionics (aviation electronics) systems for combat aircraft. I also suffer from dyslexia which means I have to read more slowly than most. My first college degree is an A.A.S. from the Community College of the USAF. I didn't return to academics until I was 30 years old. At that time I earned the equivalent of another AA degree and a BA before continuing with a Masters in religious studies and my Ph.D. in Philosophy. I was granted a fellowship to write my dissertation at the University of Notre Dame and after that, I began teaching full-time at the University of Texas at Arlington. My primary interests in philosophy are metaphysics, philosophy of mind, ontology, religion and culture & philosophy. My other interests include American baseball, the study of film (primarily American commercial releases), music of many types, computer gaming as a sport and electronics. Currently, I am trying to evade my editors so that I can write my books at my own pace.