Karla Kosub

Kosub, Karla
Title: Professor, Biology
Department: Science & Kinesiology

About Karla Kosub

Dr. Karla Ann Kosub-Coronado is a professor of biology at Northeast Lakeview College.  Since childhood, the study of science has fascinated her and, in adulthood, teaching it to others has been her passion.

As a native of San Antonio, Dr. Kosub-Coronado attended San Antonio College, Our Lady of the Lake University, and The University of Texas at San Antonio with an undergraduate and graduate focus in biology.  She also earned her doctoral degree in education with a specialization in adult education from Capella University.  Her graduate research in neurobiology at The University of Texas at San Antonio focused on investigating the learning and memory processes in the hippocampus of the adult mammalian brain, and her doctoral capstone project at Capella University focused on improving quality in online education.  Through her educational experiences, she has had the unique opportunity to develop the skills necessary to pursue her passion to teach biology to anyone that is interested!

Since 2005, Dr. Kosub-Coronado has had the pleasure of teaching biology courses to undergraduate students; many of which are aspiring healthcare professionals.  She truly values her teaching experiences and enjoys helping students succeed!  As full-time faculty at Northeast Lakeview College since 2010, she has had the opportunity to serve as the lead instructor for the human anatomy and physiology courses, and, each semester, she looks forward to engaging and interacting with students who are enrolled in these courses.  Dr. Kosub-Coronado is a passionate educator and truly excited to serve as a faculty mentor to any student that she can help!