Student Development

The Student Services Office offers three student developmental classes for beginning students. These classes introduce students to the College’s available resources and to techniques conducive to achieving success. The flexible scheduling of these courses helps students fit this valuable course into their first semester on campus.

SDEV 0170– College Success (1 credit hour)
This course is for the new student transitioning to college. Course topics include, but are not limited to college resources, time management, note-taking, degree plans and transfer strategies, campus culture, career exploration, and college policies and procedures. Familiarization with these topics contributes to students’ personal and academic success. Required of students with fewer than 15 credit hours, except dual credit, at the time of first enrollment at Northeast Lakeview College.

SDEV 0370– Foundations for College Learning (3 credit hours)
This is a first-year seminar course designed to support the transition of students into their college experience. Students
acquire a clearer understanding of college requirements, campus culture, and resources. They will explore career paths, examine personal motivation and develop study skills common to successful college students. SDEV0370 will meet the requirement for SDEV0170. Required of students with fewer than 15 credit hours, except dual credit, at the time of first enrollment at NLC and who require two or more remedial courses in English, mathematics, or reading.

SDEV 0171 - Strategies for Success (1 credit hour) Prerequisites: SDEV 0170 or SDEV 0370
This course is designed for the academically at-risk student needing to improve skills for academic success. Topics covered
in this course include, but are not limited to: time/priority management, study techniques, motivation, goal setting and
decision making, critical thinking skills, learning styles, stress management, career planning, and interpersonal skills. Required of students placed on Academic Dismissal, Permanent Academic Dismissal and/or Financial Aid Suspension. Recommended for students on Continued Academic Probation.

A registration hold will be placed on the record of students who do not take SDEV 0170 or SDEV 0370 in their first semester at Northeast Lakeview College. Students who do not successfully complete the course during their first semester will be required to meet with an advisor and re-enroll in the course.