• Wildcat Den - HH Northside

  • Wildcat Cafe - RLC Lakeside

Food on Campus

Wildcat Cafe (RLC Lakeside next to Library)

Wildcat Café

Photo Outside RLC Building

RLC Lakeside (next to Library)

Serving coffee, breakfast, lunch, and snack items

Pay with credit cards, bank cards, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.


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Monday - Thursday: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Fridays: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

General Menu

Combo meals available for under $10

Items may include fresh and prepackaged food and drinks.

  • Coffee, Sodas, and Botted Water
  • Breakfast Tacos, Cereal, Muffins, and Pastries
  • Sandwiches/Wraps, Chips, and Candy
  • Salads w/dressings - Cobb, Chef & Cesar
  • Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers
  • Hot dogs – Chili & Cheese or Regular
  • Hot Cheetos with Chili & Cheese
  • Nachos and Frito-pies
  • Fruit Cups and Parfaits
  • Bagels with or without cream cheese


Student Laughing

Wildcat Den in Huisache Hall (HH)

Wildcat Den

Wildcat Den - View Outside

Huisache Hall (HH)

Northwest Vista College is pleased to announce the opening of Wildcat Den in Huisache Hall (HH) at its north entrance. The 450-square-foot area provides another food resource for our growing community of students and employees.

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Monday - Thursday:
7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Closed Fridays

General Menu

Visitors to the Wildcat Den can expect cold, ready-to-eat foods such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, pastries, chips, and protein bars, as well as various beverages that include coffee, sodas, sports and protein drinks.

Pay with credit cards, bank cards, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Sorry - NO CASH


Wildcat Den Inside

Wildcat Den is an extension of the current Wildcat Café in the Redbud Learning Center (RLC), facing Lago Vista (NVC lake).

Food Trucks

Food Truck Locations:

- Cedar Elm STEM Center (CESC)

- Desert Willow Welcome Center (DWWC)

Food trucks scheduled to be on campus, and their available menus, are subject to change.

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Weekly Schedule

Stay tuned for summer schedule!

Monday - Friday  
CESC Food Truck Pad  
DWWC Food Truck Pad  
Advocacy Center

Advocacy Center: Pecan Hall (PH) room 100

Grab N' Go - Available Daily

Students can drop by to grab a snack and drink one time per day.


The Store

Students sign up for twice-monthly curbside groceries and hygiene.

Click here to sign up


Advocacy Center Contact Info

210-486-4357 (HELP)
Pecan Hall (PH) First Floor


microwave icon

There are several microwaves available for students to use in:

  • HH 1st floor (2)
  • MLH 1st floor (2)
  • JH 2nd floor (1)
  • RLC Cyber Cafe (2)
  • LOH 1st floor (1)
  • LOH 3rd floor (1)
  • CESC 2nd floor (2)
  • PCA 1st floor (1)

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