Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?

Northwest Vista College’s Dual Credit Program allows eligible high school students to earn college credit for certain high school courses in which they are currently enrolled while completing their high school requirements. In order for students to participate in the program, the high schools must be approved to offer dual credit courses. Dual Credit is different from AP credit. 

Benefits of Dual Credit:

  • Increases the likelihood that a student will complete high school and continue their college education.
  • Decreases the cost of tuition and fees for students in completing their academic degrees
  • New graduates enter the workforce at an accelerated rate and begin to earn wages, benefiting themselves and making positive contributions to our economy
  • Students can earn credit for up to 14 college courses before graduating from high school
  • Increases student’s self-confidence
  • Access to campus resources
  • Tuition is waived for ISDs or discounted for non-ISD students

Dual Credit Admission Requirements

All Students (Public and Private/Charter only)
  1. Contact your high school counselor/liaison regarding dual credit at your campus
  2. Complete the ApplyTexas application - Before first week of February deadline
  3. Complete the AlamoENROLL modules in ACES student account
  4. Coordinate with the high school counselor/liaison on testing requirements- Submit test scores before first week of April deadlines
  5. Complete online DCSO (Dual Credit Student Orientation) in ACES and submit Parent/Student consent form via Canvas in ACES
  6. Turn in all necessary documentation to your high school counselor/liaison before college deadlines which are usually 8 months in advance before school starts.

All Public and Private/Charter Schooled Students:

  • Each high school has a timeline in which you are to complete the admission process and submit your paperwork to the high school. Please seek timeline from your High School Dual Credit Representative. Eligibility into the program is determined by completing the application requirements and submitting qualifying test scores before the deadlines.
  • Returning students: There is a possibility you may need to re-apply and/or take the TSI Assessment for continuing terms if you did not register for and/or dropped courses during the previous semester. Please seek guidance from your High School Dual Credit Representative.

*Homeschool Students: Please email nvc-dualcredit@alamo.edu to request detailed program information before submitting your application.