Program Level: Degrees
Department: Humanities
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: NVC

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About the Program

The term "humanities" can be confusing to students and many students wonder what the content of their coursework will include. The humanities are not limited to a particular field but are defined by areas of study that ask the fundamental questions about the human experience and human society. Our humanities classes emphasize an interpretive approach (analytical, critical and/or reflective) to understand the human condition and human culture.

What will I learn?

Studying the humanities enhances the ability to understand your self and society through the study of the languages, philosophies, fine arts, and literature of both Western and non-Western peoples. Many graduates of the program pursue graduate studies in areas of the humanities or in business, law, or the arts. Humanities courses encourage students to think in new and imaginative ways and to evaluate ideas and problems from a broad and critical perspective.

What can I do with this course of study?

Humanities majors also pursue a wide range of career paths including (but not limited to): Community/Organizational Worker, College Faculty, Critic, Journalist, Lawyer, Physician, Public Administrator, Teacher, Writer, Clergy Member, Small Business Owner, Grant Writer, Peace Corps/VISTA worker, Victim Advocate. 

What is special about this program?

Our discipline acts as a nexus with other programs of study including Mexican- American Studies and Peace & Conflict Studies. See our Links of Interest below for more information!


Available Courses:

Course Descriptions

HUMA 1301- Introduction to Humanities I

HUMA 1302 -Introduction to Humanities II

HUMA 1305 - Introduction to Mexican-American Studies

HUMA 1311 - Mexican-American Fine Art Appreciation

HUMA 1315 - Fine Arts Appreciation

HUMA 2319- American Minority Studies

HUMA 2323 - World Cultures


Faculty and Staff 


Craig Coroneos (Coordinator, Humanities)

Neil Lewis (Co-Coordinator, Peace & Conflict Studies)

Migdalia Garcia (Adjunct Faculty and Community Engagement Coordinator)

Dawn Elmore (Adjunct Faculty)

Tom Gyori (Adjunct Faculty)

Cleo Kukeya (Adjunct Faculty)

Stefanaia Wasniewski (Adjunct Faculty)

Dain Zachary (Adjunct Faculty)


Contact Us

Humanities Dept. Email:

Craig Coroneos
Coordinator, Humanities



Neil Lewis
Co-Coordinator, Peace & Conflict Studies



Paul Martinez
Chair of Humanities and Government



Karina Ramirez
Admin. Specialist