Mexican-American Studies

Program Type: Face-to-Face, Fully Online
Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer, Online
Department: Humanities
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: NVC

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About the Program

With the U.S. Latino population expected to triple by 2050, studying Mexican American themes and topics has never proven more important. The Mexican American Studies Program at NVC prepares students for this important trend. If you are interested in education, history, politics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, demography, visual and performing arts, literature, language, cultural studies, communication, business and marketing, and more, this field of study may prove beneficial to your goals.

What will I learn?

Students in our Mexican American Studies courses learn content and skills that foster relevant cultural, social, and historical literacies while preparing students for the University and the workforce. We create culturally affirming spaces that prepare students to critically investigate and communicate knowledge about Mexican Americans and the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands. Some of the marketable skills our students learn are: problem solving, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, communication, cultural sensitivity, and empathy.

What can I do with this course of study?

Mexican American Studies prepares students for the University and the work force. We help students understand and develop the twenty-first century skills and knowledge practices that are valued by many employers today in the areas of Education, Museums and Art, Libraries and Historical Archives, Healthcare, Social Work, Law, International Relations, Leadership, and Project Management. Many of our students transfer to the University to continue their education and earn advanced degrees including Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Masters of Arts (M.A), Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.), Juris Doctorate (J.D.), Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

What is special about this program?

Mexican American Studies is the only multidisciplinary academic program in the Alamo Colleges District and our courses engage students in culturally responsive ways that encourage an awareness of self in relation to others, critical thinking skills, and relevant content knowledge. Our dedicated faculty is committed to mentoring our diverse student population and MAS at NVC is part of a strong education pipeline that helps students reach their higher education goals.


Available Courses:

Course Descriptions

HUMA 1305 Introduction to Mexican American Studies

HIST 2327 Mexican American History I

ENGL 2351 Mexican American Literature

Any Spanish Course

HUMA 1311 Mexican American Fine Arts Appreciation

HIST 2328 Mexican American History II

GOVT 2311 Mexican American Politics


Faculty and Staff


Dr. Sandra D. Garza,
MAS Program Coordinator and Instructor

Natalia Treviño,
Affiliated Faculty in English

Anival Gonzalez,
Affiliated Faculty in English

Lee Ann Epstein,
MAS Faculty Intern

Corina Gonzalez-Stout, 
Affiliated Faculty in History

Dr. Venetia J. Pedraza, 
Affiliated Faculty in English

Dr. Homer Guevara Jr, 
Affiliated Faculty in Government

Jared Gaitan, 
Adjunct in History


Contact Us

Humanities Dept. Email:

Dr. Sandra D. Garza
MAS Program Coordinator

LOH 206


Kimberly McClurg
Chair of Humanities and Government

LOH 206A


Karina Ramirez
Admin. Specialist