Fine and Performing Arts & Kinesiology (FPAK)

We believe that the arts have always been and always will be a meaningful force in human life.

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The NVC Fine Art program includes the study of art history, design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital art, ceramics and photography. Courses prepare you for studies at the university level while enriching visual literacy, developing an aesthetic sensibility and engaging individual creative processes. Our professional faculty of practicing artists are here to support you every step of the way along your creative path.

Rachael M. Bower, Fine Art Coordinator





Weekly live interactive group movement sessions as well as personalized one-on-one coaching and feedback include technique and conditioning classes in Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz Dance, Improvisation, Dance Performance and Pilates. Our lecture-based theory courses include Dance Appreciation and World Dance. Dance/learn wherever you are and keep building your skills.

Jayne King, Dance Coordinator





The NVC Drama program provides an environment where students can develop a passion for the theatre as both an art form and a mechanism for growth, expression, and change. Appreciate how the theatre arts is applicable to our everyday lives, develop skills in collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to continue theatre studies at a 4-year university.

Mellissa Marlowe, Drama Coordinator





The NVC Kinesiology program prepares you to major in Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy, or Physical Education. Succeed in jobs for personal training, teaching and coaching, physical therapy, sports medicine, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. Activity classes focus on individual and group fitness and sports to improve overall health and wellness.

Joe Dimas, Kinesiology Coordinator





The NVC Music program enriches your musical proficiency and provides practical experience in a variety of vocal and instrumental idioms. Students of all levels and concentrations are welcome to join performance courses including the Jazz Ensemble, Concert Choir and Instrumental Chamber Ensemble. Learn skills that will improve your overall musicianship with courses in Music theory, aural skills, sight reading, piano, music literature and private study on your principal instrument.

Daniel Smith, Music Coordinator




About Palmetto Center for the Arts (PCA)

The Palmetto Center for the Arts opened in 2009 as a product of community leadership, vision and unwavering determination to bring fine and performing arts to the Northwest area of San Antonio. The arts complex offers the finest facility and programs to those who join us in celebrating the arts.

The fine and performing arts programs at Northwest Vista College engage students and enrich their skills needed to give life to creative impulses—on stage, in the studio, and in the concert hall. Our emerging artists interact and learn from community professionals and visiting artists from across the country and abroad. 

Our Goal

We believe that the arts have always been and always will be a meaningful force in human life. Northwest Vista College is dedicated to making the arts a living presence within our neighboring communities. Art lovers who support the development of artists help to enrich the human experience. 

Our goal is to cultivate the imagination and technical skills of artists who will reinvigorate existing works and create new masterpieces that will grip the heart and thrill the mind. We welcome the diversity that sustains our community and empowers our voice through art and artistry. 

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