Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Fine & Performing Arts
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: NVC

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About the Program

Think you can dance at NVC? You can! NVC Dance has something for everyBODY. We offer Dance pre-majors a comprehensive course of study in dance technique, composition, theory and performance leading to transfer to the Dance program at universities throughout Texas. In addition, we offer dance studio courses open to all students, including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Folk and Ballroom.

What will I learn?

Students will build dance skills grounded in an understanding of the body's healthy structure and function, and gain practical hands-on experience in the art and craft of choreography, as well as a variety of contexts (historical, cultural, kinesiological) for understanding dance.

What can I do with this course of study?

Dance majors work in the field of dance as performers, choreographers/directors, teachers, and dance historians/critics. A dance major can also be a gateway to the related fields of Dance Medicine, Dance Therapy, and also non-profit management. Dance majors can also enter professional degree programs in law, business, education and medicine!

What is special about this program?

All students in our studio classes have the opportunity to perform in the Palmetto Theater each semester. Serious dancers may audition for our resident student dance company, the Northwest Vista College Repertory Dance Ensemble. An annual visiting artist residency program gives students direct exposure to artists currently working in the field.


Courses Offered:

Dance 2303 Dance Appreciation

Dance 1305 World Dance

Dance 1141 Ballet I

Dance 1142 Ballet II

Kine 1139 Ballet I

Kine 2139 Ballet II

Dance 1128 Ballroom I and Social Dance

Kine 1141 Ballroom I

Kine 2141 Ballroom II

Dance 1201  Dance Composition-Improv

Dance 1112 Dance Practicum

Kine 1143 Folk I (Capoeira)

Kine 2143 Folk II (Capoeira)

Dance 1151 Freshman Dance Performance

Dance 1147 Jazz Dance I

Dance 1148 Jazz Dance II

Kine 1138 Jazz Dance I

Kine 2138 Jazz Dance II

Dance 1145 Modern Dance I

Dance 1146 Modern Dance II

Kine 1145 Modern Dance I

Kine 2145 Mondern Dance II

Dance 2151 Sophomore Dance Performance




Lab Name

Palmetto Dance Studio

Lab Location

PCA 108

Lab Contact

Rey Cardenas




Faculty and Staff


Jayne King 

Brittany Lopez 

Carrie Vicana 



Contact Us

Jayne King
Professor of Dance; Dance Program Coordinator

PCA 105K


Brittany Lopez
Instructor of Dance; Director NVC Repertory Dance Ensemble

PCA 105K


Susan Palmer
Administrative Assistant

PCA 105