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Laptop Loaners/Device Checkout Available for Employees

Current Northwest Vista College Employees who are working or teaching this summer or fall semester qualify for loaner laptops and device checkout of other technology equipment.

To obtain an NVC laptop or other device, employees need to fill out the following form and wait to receive notification from Information Technology. An appointment will be set up for technology pick up. Please allow 2 - 3 business days for your request to be processed.

The following form must be filled out BEFORE a laptop loaner or other device is is granted: 

Click Here for the Device Checkout Form

Please don't come to the college until you hear back with approval.

You can reach our NVC IT Help Desk line at: (210) 486-4777. 

Online Resources 

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Employee service requests for help with Information Technology (hardware and software), Institutional Research Reports (data and research), and Public Relations.

Facilities Request

Employee service requests for help with building maintenance issues around the campus.

Building Rental

Request the use of a building or room for college activities, community events, and other purposes.

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Alamo Share

Click Button Above and then Enter:
   Name: nvc\{your user id} (Example: nvc\jdoe21)
   Password: {your computer password}

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Learn how to use tools in the Banner environment to help with budgeting, ordering, and other resource management...

Software Discounts

Take advantage of the discounts that are available to you as an employee of the Alamo Colleges District...


Reporting Tool Box

Click here to report academic integrity violations...

Use the link above to report violations of academic integrity, including plagiarism, cheating, and collusion...

Click Here to learn more about the academic disciplinary process......

Click here to report non-academic misconduct...

Use the link above to report non-academic misconduct violations...

Click Here to learn more about non-academic misconduct...

Click here to report sexual misconduct...

Use the link above to report any gender based discrimination, including, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, dating violence, rape, bullying, sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking...

Click Here to learn more about Title IX - Sexual Misconduct...

Civil Rights (Title VII, ADA, 504 complaints)
Use the link above ALSO to report civil rights discrimination, harassment, and retaliation of protected classes.

Click here to learn more about Civil Rights… 

Clice here to report student concerning behaviors...

Use the link above to report concerning behaviors of students that are not necessarily disciplinary (this is for non-emergency reporting). When in doubt, please report these behaviors.

Click Here to learn about SOBI (concerning behaviors)...

Click here to report a deceased student...

Instructors are often the first to find out about student deaths. Please use the link above to report a deceased student. For more information, please contact:

Adriana Cantu - acantu200@alamo.edu

Advocacy Referrals

Assistance for Students 
(Form for Faculty/Staff)

Please use the form linked below for students you identify who may need assistance outside of the classroom such as emergency aid, mental health support, case management, etc. 

Alamo Colleges Advocacy Referral

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Faculty Senate

Get involved with the faculty government at Northwest Vista College and make a difference in our growing community...

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Get involved with the staff leadership at Northwest Vista College and learn how you can support your peers...

COVID-19 Campaign for Compassion

COVID-19 Campaign for Compassion

Click the button above to learn more about our support system and how you can assist our Students with donations. 


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La reVista

Read Northwest Vista College's employee newsletter and learn about what's going on around the college. 

Faculty Handbook

This page provides information to assist you as an instructor at Northwest Vista College.